12V Brushless Drill Driver – Makita DF033DZ

If you were not impressed with this Makita DF033DZ drill when you took it out of the excellent stackable kit box, you would be a tough one to please. I like the latest trend for stackable, high quality kit boxes because they make your trips from van to site so much easier to arrange. At the rear of the workshop, they even stack higher.

The Makita DF033DZ drill driver is the most basic cordless drill for their hands with rotary drill equivalents. When selecting a drill operator, the total drilling diameter needed is the main consideration. Drill drivers with 1/4′ hex drives; instead of tightening it into a chuck, the drill bit fits directly into the unit. Before it was Ni-MH, Li-ion was the newest technology and the original was Ni-Cad. Many cordless machines can also come without batteries, also called naked, bare or body-only versions.

  • Fitted with Battery protection circuit: Designed to protect the battery from over discharge, elevated temperature or overload current damage.
  • Trigger Forward and Reverse
  • Driven Mission Light for Work


In professional cordless power tools, Brushless is practically the standard and that’s due to how robust these engines are and their improved performance.


The more gears a drill has, the greater the power over the chuck’s RPM that you have. This is perfect for preventing a screw from being overdriven or for those occasions when the chuck just needs more power.


These can cause the chuck of your drill to suffer damage and corrosion. This makes it stronger for the chuck and helps to stop corrosion.


A 3-stage led light has been added to the base of the drill by Dewalt that allows you to go from 2.6 lumens all the way up to a massive 60 lumens. This means that in in the darkest corners of the job site, you can use the drill like you would a torch.

The drill driver is the most basic cordless drill see rotary drill equivalent for their hands, Toptopdeal.co.uk offers you. Various types of chemical batteries are used in cordless (or battery-powered) devices; Li-ion is the latest technology prior to Ni-MH and Ni-Cad was the first.

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