The World’s First 4-Stroke Power Cutter Makita DCE090ZX1 comes out

Featuring a powerful brushless motor, this Makita DCE090ZX1 Brushless Cut Off Saw requires two 18v LXT Li-Ion batteries. There are several safety features, including an electric brake, soft start, battery cover to protect the battery during wet cutting, a lock-off button. And Active Feedback Sensing Technology that, if the speed of rotation unexpectedly slows down. Shuts down the current to the engine.

At World of Concrete in 2020, we got our hands on the Makita DCE090ZX1 power cutter. We used it to make some cuts with a lot of aggregate on very thick concrete pavers. Although if you push it hard enough, you can stall any saw out. We felt that the Makita power cutter allowed cutting speeds to be reasonably fast.

How Heavy is the DCE090ZX1 Power Cutter Makita?

Weight is the last thing worth considering. We’re currently awaiting Makita’s input on the exact specs. For now, the argument is that less than a 14-inch gas-powered saw is weighted by the Makita DCE090ZX1 power cutter. We can at least confirm that the saw feels really manageable after having used it.


  • The automatic engine decompression valve designed to decrease the pull-start force by 40 percent in the cam gear.
  • The vented choke plate pressure compensated carburettor facilitates optimal fuel distribution and decreases the incidence of flooding during cold starts.
  • Both aluminium wheels incorporated minimize fatigue during long straight cuts and retract to avoid unwanted movement while not in use.
  • The external fuel tank vent prevents the build-up of pressure
  • By holding away dust and debris, sealed cartridge recoil starter rope reduces wear

This saw also lets you cut with less total noise, as mentioned earlier. On their own, battery-powered electric motors produce far less sound output than gas motors. The cutting operation of the 9-inch concrete blade produces much of the DCE090ZX1 noise.

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