A fantastic SDS drill that takes care of the work is the Makita DHR202Z!

SDS hammer drills provide the extra energy you need when you want some additional strength for a heavy-duty job. This is one piece of machinery that any self-respecting toolbox should contain, with a more efficient action than traditional drills. And with functions like drilling, hammer drilling, and chiseling.

SDS hammer drills’ powerful action ensures that there’s no need to lean heavily on the drill to get it to work.

Characteristics Of The DHR202Z:

The lack of a cord on this power tool means it runs on batteries. And does not need to be plugged into a power source. You don’t have to worry about inadvertently stepping on wires when working. It is a welcome relief for those DIYers who are not big fans of wires getting in the way of their job.

This power tool simultaneously serves as a chisel, drill, and hammer. For each mission, there is no need for you to buy a separate tool, because this one does it all. The chisel is very unique because it can rotate a very impressive 360 degrees and can access up to 40 different positions. Today, not many instruments on the market can provide you with this degree of flexibility. It is one of the advantages of this method.

When it comes to flipping bits on certain instruments, if you want to get stuff done fast, it can be tricky and can slow you down. This is a wonderful function that enables you to quickly turn pieces.

You need batteries to use it, as described above because this tool is cordless. The Makita DHR202Z uses 18V batteries with LI-ion. These are understood to last longer and weigh less as compared to other batteries on the market.


  • The 40 percent weight saving of Lithium-ion means that a battery that weighs the same as a 12-volt Ni-MH battery can obtain 18-volt capacity.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have longer life cycles than their counterparts from Ni-MH or Ni-Cad, offering 430 percent more operating time.
  • Conveniently located push button for forward and reverse.
  • High comfort grips.
  • LED job light with afterglow.
  • One-touch sliding chuck for easy bit changes.
  • Triple mode of operation: only rotary, only hammer, and rotary hammer.
  • Rotation mode: With 40 different locking positions, the chisel can rotate a complete 360 degrees.

To conclude, the Makita DHR2020Z is a successful purchase. For your money, it certainly offers good value. Without losing the ease of usage, this Makita SDS drill manages to perform all its functions flawlessly.
It is ideal not only for building professionals but also for occasional indulgent. This is definitely a product that any DIY fan should look into having.

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