Benefits of using an Angle Drill

Benefits of using an angle drill The use of an angle drill provides several advantages. It’s something that people in various trades usually use where people need something like this. A right angle drill is a product that has plenty of benefits and no particular drawbacks.

The Makita DDA351Z was developed as the battery-powered variant of the Model DA3011F. The high power-to-weight ratio was achieved by the use of a 4-pole motor and lithium-ion batteries in a compact build. It has a lightweight structure obtained by using a Li-ion battery as a power source and, thanks to its high-power 4-pole motor, provides excellent performance in drilling.

  1. A fresh compact concept with a housing for the metal gear
  2. For better efficiency, the 4 pole LXT motor
  3. Driven light for illuminating work
  4. Big lever switch for regulating variable speeds

An angle drill is not a tool you’ll find in most toolboxes, but often a lot of home handymen wish they had one. It’s something people commonly use in different careers where they need something like this.

Benefits of Angle drills

An angle drill is a tool with lots of benefits:


The majority of drills have three-speed motors at right angles. When you need it, it provides plenty of torque and also enables slow drilling when needed. On conventional low-end drills, that’s more than you’ll find and allows you to use the drill entirely.


Many right-angle drills allow us to remove the head of the drive and use it as a conventional chuck drill. That makes it an ideal, versatile substitute for your everyday drill. It is more costly, but it is much more useful.

Specific extensions:

A right angle drill will strike some really tight spots for drill bit extensions. A right angle drill allows you to drill almost anywhere in the house, while extenders can also be used with a conventional drill.


When used, the side handle on a right-angle drill gives much more leverage, and some even have a twisting grip and trigger that increases the possibilities when using the right-angle drill.

Despite the need to penetrate challenging areas, the flexibility of the handles makes use of the drill much more convenient.

Narrow spaces:

An angle drill is designed to reach areas that conventional drills can not enter, including narrow spaces behind beams or joists that you simply can not get to otherwise.

This is the greatest advantage of drilling at right angles, and the reason most individuals will buy one. When you have to drill absolutely in a space that is not going to meet a normal drill, the alternative is the right angle drill.

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