7 Safety tips for Hammer Drill Demolition use.

A hammer drill is an important tool in most tool kits, but if a hammer drill is not used properly, it may cause severe injury. A misplaced staple and injury may result in a wrong flick, since a hammer drill uses mechanical force to work just like a hammer.

The Makita HM0871C 110V SDS Max AVT Demolition Hammer has a single-mode and hammer-only operation. A sliding one-touch chuck adapted for SDS-Max pieces. You can install and uninstall these bits quickly.

Here are some safety tips

When using a hammer drill, you should bear in mind; learning these will help you prevent minor scrapes, bruises, and cuts anywhere on your body.

Work area clean up:

Trip hazards are particularly dangerous when you work with a hammer drill. Two elements consist of the hammer: the handle and the shaft. You might very seriously damage yourself by shooting a staple through yourself if you fall and the head is positioned incorrectly. So make sure the work area is clean and before you start your work, there is no debris on the ground.

Using insulation for electricity:

You should always use a hammer that has an electrically shielded handle while you operate around the electrical wires. It helps to keep you away from exposed wiring that can obviously be misleading.

Use a handle isolated:

Be sure to choose one with an insulated handle when you work with your hammer tacker for long periods of time. It helps protect your hand against the vibrations and the pressure that you put on it.

Use in a safe space:

Ensure that when using a hammer, you are sitting in a secure position, or have a stable footing. Make sure that you balance correctly when you are working at heights. Since you will be thrown off balance by the movements you create with the hammer drill, your ladder should be durable.

Do not use fastened handles:

Do not use a drill with a hammer that has sharp handles. For the grip to be solid, the handles should always be round. Edges tend to cut off the circulation when working for long periods of time.

Wear protection against eyes:

It’s important to wear proper eye protection equipment whenever you work. Your eyes are very sensitive and when you tackle or staple, there is a slight risk that a loose splinter (or the staple itself) might fly and lodge in an unwanted position on your body. Make sure your eyes are still hidden.

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