Analysis of the Makita DRT50ZX4 Wood Router: Should you buy it?

A router is a great way for a finished project to be taken and converted into a masterpiece. You can add pretty much any info with a router and alter its look absolutely. As we know, it takes a lot of force when you start cutting through the wood routers.

The Makita DRT50ZX4 router/laminate trimmer comes with a trimmer base that provides a round base with an extended opening for smooth and quick cutting. In order to create friction, a brushless motor can generate a higher measure of torque per weight without brushes.

Trimmer round base for smooth and fast cutting and easy handling with a non-slip elastomer body grip for increased comfort. The Extended base assembly opening section for excellent visibility of the bit while retaining longevity.

Brushless Motor

When the tool industry cuts the cord on more things, brushless motors really profit from equipment such as cordless routers. A Makita-built motor profits from the Makita 18V LXT Brushless Router. You can get better runtime with it than with a brushed engine, which also enables more power to be transferred from the battery to the motor.


In the ergonomics department, Makita appears to do a very nice job and the grip on this model really stands out. A cordless router is not a gadget that is seriously compromised by a few extra ounces of weight but having a solid, secure grip really helps with precision work. Makita does a nice job here.

Power and Performance

The first thing that I found was how easy it was to work with this router. I love the slim design but most importantly I love the soft start. The router is extremely strong, and the router went great even with the piece of oak I tested it on. As far as run time is concerned, the wood type and size of the router bit you are using can differ.

Makita Cordless Router Review Features

Makita built this for performance and longer running times with a brushless motor. Depending on changing demands, the motor is electronically controlled to operate with changes in torque and rpm.

Changing the router bits is extremely easy.  I didn’t find myself fighting with the router. When attempting to loosen or tighten a bit, the broad red spindle stop is simple to manage.

Although I love the router’s smoothness and strength, I really love how simple it is to monitor the depth and make micro-adjustments. It’s very smooth and quick to fine-tune the rack and pinion.

Last thoughts on Makita Cordless router

Overall, this is an awesome router. With this router, I love how Makita cut any corners.  Makita offers all the accessories with this router.  The router has a strong run time and is smooth. The router is solid and is just one of the tools you need to use to appreciate it.

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