Angle Grinder safety tips when using it!

Protection tips for Angle Grinder, as we know, the Makita DGA513Z is a 125 mm Efficient Grinder. Makita brushless engine offers longer running time, improved power and speed, and longer tool life. Rust’s Quick Work is used to cut tile, motor, and build. Makita DGA513Z 125 mm comes with an Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT) and an Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT) brushless engine.

  • Spiral bevel gears for smoother rotation and more efficient transmission of energy.
  • Paddle switch with no locking system for operator comfort
  • The rubberized soft grip offers improved work comfort.
  • Electric Brake stops the grinding or cutting wheel in 2 seconds or less for optimum efficiency.

We also have advice and safety tips for angle grinder when making use of it!


Attach a brush to the angle grinder and you have quickly created a very powerful process for removing paint and rust from smooth, large areas.

Pointing & Brickwork:

Another useful accessory that fits into an angle grinder is a diamond mortar rake. Re-pointing is not the funniest operation, but it makes it much easier to remove the old mortar.

Double Check the Disc:

The key reason the angle grinder disc is flying is that the abrasive disc is already cracked while you’re trying to use it. That’s why you should always check the disc and then check it again before you use it. Make sure there are no cracks or breaks on the disc anywhere.

Remove Mortar:

Angle grinder removal of the mortar appears to be quicker and smoother than chisel removal. Using an angle grinder also makes it less likely that you would break the bricks while cleaning the mortar between them.

Use Both Hands:

I would always recommend that you make sure that both hands hold the blade firmly. Don’t take the console off your hand until it’s absolutely shut down. Otherwise, you could end up losing the power of your machine.

Stone Cutting:

As an angle grinder makes nice, smooth cuts, it’s a good choice for stone cutting. Using a smaller grinder for extra flexibility can produce smaller, more accurate cuts easily.

Cut Ceramic Tiles:

Angle grinders are great for cutting items like ceramic tiles. They work well because they leave the tile with a clean, smooth finish and work as a wet tile saw.

Use Goggles:

Even if the sparks aren’t as dangerous as they might seem, your eyes are very vulnerable to even the slightest annoyance. So, make sure you’ve got a decent pair of goggles on any time you fire up the angle grinder.

Carving Wood:

Carving discs may be used to carve large wood items effectively. Angle grinders are perfect for forming rough, making table or table legs, for example. But they’re not good enough to do complicated woodwork.

If you’re looking for an excellent performance that provides an angle grinder, you’ll need to get to our Toptopdeal section. The DGA513Z Design is a brushless motor for longer running time, higher power and speed, and longer tool life. Automatic Torque Drive Technology: Automatically adjusts the cutting speed according to load conditions for optimum activity. Active Feedback sensing Technology (AFT): Shuts down the customer safety tool when the rotation speed is suddenly slowed down.

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