Are you looking for the best MLT100N Table Saw Makita?

Their table saws form the cornerstones of their woodworking practices for many experienced woodworkers. Firstly, Benchtop Table Saw for woodworking hobbyists and DIY junkies. For their affordability and space-saving qualities, they are often the most reasonable choice.

Secondly, The Makita MLT100N is one such saw. I’ve been using a saw for over a year now, and I’m going to write my info today. And an honest analysis of this product from Makita.

With a powerful 1,500-watt motor to produce up to 4,500 rpm, the Makita MLT100N table saw has a large cutting capacity of 91mm at 90 degrees and 63mm at 45 degrees. Set the angle from 0 to 45 degrees.

In order to allow greater cutting power, the Makita MLT100N features right and rear extension tables, a two-pole slide system for raising and lowering the blade for the most powerful and smoothest blade depth adjustment.

When you’re dealing with wood, this is particularly true. You want resources that will allow you to work quickly and effectively without compromising your job quality.

Blade height and angle adjustments

Of all the saw’s functions, the mechanisms of blade adjustment fascinated me the most. In the MLT100N, the height change operation is the smoothest and simplest I’ve seen on a saw. The angle adjustment knob allows smaller increments for changes to the blade angle, making perfect, precise adjustments a simpler task.


Given the cost-effective portion of the creation of this saw, it is no surprise that it is not without its shortcomings and when you cut it, you will find most of them.

Precision and Performance

It provides more than enough additional equipment so that you can cut wood with unbelievable precision. One of the main benefits of the Makita MLT100N is smooth efficiency.


It’s okay as far as protection goes. Some premium features are missing, but if you take into account its affordability, it makes sense. It helps you to view the blade when the material is contacted. There are two independent mechanisms for anti-kickback built into the foundation. So It’s fantastic news because there’s only one anti-kickback system on most models.

The on/off switch is very tiny and not clear enough. Although it appears to some people to be very insignificant, the scale of this turn can often make a big difference. As you would think, the greater the turn, the more likely you are to react in time.

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