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Get Your Hands on the Latest Baby Kicks!

When it comes to scoring fresh baby shoes, you've got to be smart about it. We're not just talking about style; we're talking about the comfort, safety, and the healthy growth of your little one's tootsies. Baby shoes aren't just fashion statements; they're all about giving those tiny feet the support they need while your baby embarks on their walking journey. Remember, baby feet are like putty, so you've got to consider a few things when you're on the hunt. These kicks are easy to slip on and off, thanks to the giant hook-and-loop closure and elastic laces. Plus, if your kid needs special orthotics, these shoes have removable insoles that can accommodate them. You won't have to sweat it out when your child decides to explore the muddy garden after a rainstorm. These shoes are available in sizes 3 to 7, perfect for children up to 24 months. Moreover, they've got plenty of wiggle room for those little piggies. As your baby's toes are crucial for their balance and walking development, shoes that cramp their style can really put a spanner in the works.

Crème de la Crème Baby Kicks

Stride Rite:

Stride Rite, a brand with over a century of experience, knows a thing or two about kids' kicks. They're all about quality and innovation, offering an array of baby shoes designed to nurture those baby feet. Stride Rite's shoes come in various sizes and widths, ensuring a perfect fit for growing feet. With soft, flexible soles and cushy insoles, your early walker is in for a treat. Stride Rite has styles for every occasion, from playtime to fancy affairs, all while keeping those little feet in mind.


Robeez is the go-to for soft-soled baby shoes that feel like going barefoot but with the added bonus of protection and support. Founded by a mum on a mission, Robeez offers a collection of cute and functional designs. Crafted from premium leather with elasticized ankles, these kicks stay put on wiggly little feet. Robeez's flexible soles let your baby's feet do their thing, promoting healthy foot development during the crawling and early walking phases.


Pediped is all about the trifecta: style, comfort, and quality in baby and kids' shoes. They're serious about promoting healthy foot development. With flexible soles, roomy toes, and support built-in, they've got your baby's feet covered. They've got different collections for different walking stages, from soft-soled baby shoes for crawlers to sturdier options for confident walkers, always keeping up with the latest trends.

Nike Kids:

Nike Kids brings the same innovation and performance you love from Nike to children's footwear. Known for their sports kicks, Nike Kids has a diverse range of baby shoes that combine comfort and style. Lightweight materials, cushioned soles, and secure closures make them perfect for active babies and toddlers. Nike Kids blends function and fashion to ensure your little explorer is comfy and stylish.


Carter's, a household name in kids' clothing, also offers a selection of baby shoes that live up to their reputation for quality and affordability. Baby shoes with soft soles, cozy fabrics, and charming designs that keep your baby comfy and make you smile. From snug booties for newborns to more structured shoes for early walkers, Carter's covers all the bases.


UGG, known for their snuggly boots, extends that coziness to baby shoes. They've got baby kicks made from soft materials that keep little feet warm during chilly months. Simple yet stylish designs that match any outfit and keep those tiny toes warm and snug.

Why Choose Baby Kicks?

Protection: Baby shoes are the first line of defense for tiny feet against rough terrain, sharp objects, and temperature changes. Support for Crawling and Early Walking: Soft-soled baby shoes mimic barefoot walking while providing protection. They help babies develop balance, coordination, and strength during the crawling and early walking phases. Healthy Foot Development: High-quality baby shoes are designed with developing feet in mind. They offer flexibility and space for natural foot movement, allowing muscles and arches to develop properly. Warmth and Comfort: Baby shoes, especially during colder seasons, keep tiny feet cozy. Brands using soft, breathable materials create the perfect environment for sensitive baby skin. Style and Cuteness: Baby shoes come in a wide array of adorable designs, colors, and patterns. They can complete baby outfits and add a dash of style to everyday wear and special occasions. Confidence for Early Walkers: As babies transition from crawling to walking, soft-soled shoes provide stability and confidence, making those first steps easier.


Soft Soles: Soft-soled baby shoes mimic barefoot walking, allowing babies to grip the floor and develop balance and coordination. Ideal for pre-walkers and early walkers. Flexible Construction: Baby shoes should be flexible to support natural foot movement, allowing muscles and arches to develop properly. Breathable Materials: Baby shoes are often crafted from breathable materials like leather, canvas, or soft textiles, ensuring comfort and preventing excessive sweating. Wide Toe Box: A roomy toe box promotes proper toe splay, helping with balance and stability. Cushioned Insoles: Some baby shoes come with cushioned insoles for extra comfort and support as little feet grow. Secure Closures: Hook-and-loop (Velcro), elastic, or adjustable laces offer a secure fit and easy on-off. Ankle Support: Some shoes provide gentle ankle support for stability without hindering natural movement. Lightweight: Baby shoes are designed to be light to avoid restricting movement and adding strain to growing muscles and joints. Non-Slip Soles: Textured or rubberized soles provide traction and prevent slipping. Sensory Details: Some baby shoes incorporate sensory elements like textured fabrics or rattles for baby's exploration. Size Variety: Baby shoe brands offer various sizes to accommodate your baby's fast-growing feet. Easy to Clean: Machine-washable or easy-to-clean materials simplify maintenance, important for messy little ones.

Safety First

Proper Fit: Choose baby shoes that fit well, neither too tight nor too loose, to ensure proper blood circulation and natural foot movement. Flexible Soles: Opt for baby shoes with soft and flexible soles to promote natural foot movement and balance. Secure Closures: Look for shoes with secure closures like Velcro or adjustable laces to prevent slipping and tripping. Breathable Materials: Choose shoes made from breathable materials to prevent overheating and excessive sweating, which can cause discomfort and skin irritation. No Raised Heels: Baby shoes should have flat soles without raised heels to maintain natural foot alignment and proper walking development. Avoid Hard or Rigid Soles: Stay away from shoes with hard or rigid soles, as they can restrict foot movement and flexibility, potentially causing discomfort or impeding healthy foot development. Watch for Red Marks: Regularly inspect your baby's feet for red marks and blisters, signs of discomfort caused by ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes. Sensory Safety: Be cautious with shoes featuring small decorative elements that could become choking hazards if detached. Consider Shoe Weight: Opt for lightweight shoes to prevent added weight or strain on your baby's developing muscles and joints.