Benefits of Using a Cordless Tire Inflator When Tire Inflation is Needed

Recently purchased six cordless inflators from leading brands: Bauer, Craftsman, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee & Ryobi. The most impressive type that I evaluated recently the type that look more like a cordless drill than a tire inflator. The circular design with steel tip made it easy to push into the tire without damage. It has a powerful fanning feature and a two speed control. On the other hand, the size is not as large as those of the other models and I would not have recommended it for use on lawn mowers.

These inflators are especially useful to inflating bicycle tires on bumpy roads or low-hanging tree limbs. They are also perfect to inflate motorcycle tires. The circular design of the tool makes it easy to push into a tire with complete torque. The circular arm and the rubberized outer casing make it impossible for the tool to slip off the tire.

I recently used the cordless inflator while taking my bicycle out to get some fresh air and was impressed with the performance. The device performed like it should be. The inflator inflates quickly and provides sufficient pressure to get the tire rolling. The rechargeable battery last a long time and recharged without having to wait. When it was finally time to remove the battery, I was surprised at how easily the battery became detached from the inflator.

My first experience with the Inflator XC Pro inflator happened when I had purchased a new bicycle and needed to replace a clogged tire. Relocating the inflator proved to be much easier than I thought and the inflator saved me money and the inconvenience of calling a repairman. Since that event, I have been using the Milwaukee Inflators for all of my transportation needs. The only device I use on a daily basis for inflating tires is the Milwaukee Inflator XC Pro High-Volume Flush Mount. I have had many opportunities to use the Milwaukee Inflator for commercial and non-commercial applications.

One of the most popular uses for the Milwaukee Inflator is for auto shut-off feature. The Auto Shut-Off feature allows you to simply release the air from the inflator, while the valve remains closed to prevent a leak. This feature comes with an accessory that has a three-year warranty. The accessory is also useful in preventing over-speed tire wear.

In addition to being used as a tire inflator, the Milwaukee Inflator XC Pro High Volume Flush Mount is also useful for inflating tires in the workshop. It comes with an optional cordless battery pack which can be plugged into any household outlet. The Inflator utilizes the same auto shut-off feature to protect the motor from over-speed tire wear. This device is excellent for inflating tires on older vehicles that are not equipped with a modern auto transmission.

Some of the other benefits of the Milwaukee Inflator XC Pro High Volume Flush Mount include an adjustable air pressure setting, which can be used for inflating tires with different air pressures. In addition to the auto shut-off feature, the cordless inflators cordless tire inflator also features a durable, heavy-duty hose that can withstand continuous use for inflating tires for up to forty hours. The Milwaukee Inflator has a universal voltage-powered inflator hose that can be plugged into any power source. There is no need to convert the inflator to use with a different power source. You just need to plug it in!


When looking for a cordless tire inflator, it’s important to look for those inflators with the auto shut-off feature. Not only will this feature allow you to turn off your air compressor or gas heater during use, but it can also help you save on electric bills. Look for products that also come with an optional cord, such as the Inflator XC Pro High-Volume Flush Mount and the Inflator HCPRS II Auto Shut Off Cordless Tire Inflator.

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