Makita DBO180Z, its features, and advantages.

Makita DBO180Z 18V is a Cordless sander for smooth scraped surfaces with sandpaper. For fast sanding and swirl-free finishing, it has a high random orbital action diameter of 2.8 mm. Orbital sanders get their name because, in small circles called orbits, they shift their heads around. The random orbital sander, which shifts its head around in random orbits instead of remaining in the same pattern, is a subcategory of the orbital sander.

For rapid sanding and a swirl-free finish, it has a wide 2.8mm random orbital action diameter. A pad control system designed for reduced spin-free. As well as enhanced overall finish controlled pad speed upon start-up and pad brake. Orbital sanders aren’t too aggressive, so too much material is difficult to clear. You have the ability to handle either straight or ornate pieces of wood thanks to the unique design without running into the danger of injury.


  • Electronic push-button switch, easy to run, with 3-speed settings
  • Preselection speed for material-specific work Sanding pad brake avoids workpiece damage
  • They are ideal for preparing a painting or sealing surface, or for knocking down a paint coat.

A strong, random, cordless orbital sander. It is also Ergonomically designed for the best possible grip and handling. Moreover, a soft rubberized grip area offers comfort. Variable speed control, push-button, 3-stage, makes precise work. It leaves a clean work area. Makita LXT 18V Li-ion (1.5, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0Ah) batteries are certified to provide as much power as the main power unit.

Safety First

Sander cords are known to get wrapped in a belt, get twisted, and generally create an unsafe working environment.

Near cousins to standard orbital finishing sanders are Makita DBO180Z 18V Random orbital sanders. Although standard sheet-stock or quarter-sheet sanders sand in a predictable orbiting pattern, random orbital sanders oscillate in a non-predictable or random motion. There are two distinct differences.

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