Best Laser Distance Meter At The Moment

Laser Distance Meter

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The Best Cordless Laser Distance Meter on the Market Right Now

Cordless laser distance meters are a great way to measure a distance quickly and easily. Most are battery-powered and work well indoors. There are also some Bluetooth devices, so you can take measurements remotely. However, there are some features you can’t find on every one of them. First of all, you should make sure you check out the measurement range and accuracy of the laser. Most of these instruments claim to be accurate to 1/8 inch at 50 feet, and some go up to 320 feet. However, as distance increases, the accuracy tends to decrease. Therefore, if you need to measure a long distance, you will want to buy a model with higher accuracy, although this comes with a higher price tag. Next, you should check out the price of the laser distance meter.

The best ones will have a lower price, and some of them have more features than others. Aside from the price, look for a model that comes with a viewfinder. If you are new to laser distance measurement, you should choose a model that comes with clear instructions. There are even some models that come with an integrated calculator. This can help you calculate the area of a room, which is helpful for home renovation projects. Other models can calculate the volume of space using multiple laser measurements. The volume calculation can be useful for determining what type of heater is needed for a specific space.

Fluke 414D Distance Measuring Laser

A fantastic tool for contractors who need to be able to precisely measure big areas is the Fluke 414D laser distance meter. It is ideal for jobs that require quick responses because of its one-second response time and extra-long range of up to 165 feet. Additionally, this laser gadget is tiny enough (6 x 2 x 4 inches) that you can wear it around your site in your pocket or attached to your belt. Excellent battery life allows it to operate for up to two hours on a single charge. But after prolonged use, it could seem weighty at 663 grams.


  • Provides minimum and maximum angle measurements to determine your proximity to the object.
  • Has the capacity to store five different readings.
  • provide audio feedback when entering data through its keypad.
  • After three thousand measurements have been recorded, the power is automatically turned off.
  • features a hold feature and displays measurements in a two-line format on its LCD screen.

Tacklife HD-60 Laser Distance Meter

You need this one if you’re going to renovate or build anything at all in your house, especially inside. A wonderful laser distance measurement instrument, the Tacklife HD-60 Laser Distance Meter stands out from the competition thanks to a few special characteristics. Because you can scan both horizontal and vertical surfaces, it’s simpler to utilize for various kinds of labor, like building or landscaping outside. Because it features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, you can quickly upload your measurement findings to a tablet or smartphone app to aid in project documentation. When you wish to scan a large area but don’t have access to Wi-Fi or a mobile device nearby, it also features built-in data storage.


  • 196Ft M/In/Ft Mute Laser Distance Meter with 2 Bubble Levels from Tacklife, Model HD60
  • Backlit LCD
  • Pythagorean Mode
  • Battery and Carry Pouch Included

Noyafa nf-271 Laser Distance Meter

Excellent equipment includes the Noyafa nf-271 laser distance meter. This tool is very well-liked. They offer an auto-shutoff feature that preserves battery life while enabling continuous measurements and is suited for basic measuring tasks. Their small size also makes them easy to transport without taking up too much room in a toolbox or your car.

You may be sure you’re getting a quality product from a business with excellent customer service because of their three-year warranty. The Noyafa nf-271 laser distance meter is a reasonably priced and trustworthy device.


  • Measurement of distance, area, and volume
  • Quick and accurate indirect measuring according to the Pythagorean proposition (accuracy 2mm).
  • Is approved by the FCC, RoHS, and CE, and Noyafa is accredited to the ISO 9001 standard.
  • It is possible to save up to 99 sets of data. Easy to read measurement results on backlit LCD panel using FSTN technology.

Mileseey P7AK Laser Distance Meter

When you need to measure distances fast, this laser measuring tool from Mileseey, a brand known for its reasonably priced, high-quality products, is a genuine money saver. This P7AK model is a great option for minor measurements around your house or business because it has five separate lasers that can help you measure items up to 200 meters away. The P7AK has both continuous distance measurement and timed distance measurement modes, as well as an LCD screen that is simple to read and lets you examine measurements in either feet or meters. Additionally, the P7AK has a built-in magnet that allows you to use it on steel surfaces and a belt clip that allows you to keep it in place while working.


  • P2P Measuring
  • Pointing a viewfinder
  • Bluetooth and applications
  • 3 Power Supply Modes

Milwaukee150′ Laser Distance Meter

For professional contractors or do-it-yourself homeowners wishing to measure larger distances, the Milwaukee150′ is a portable laser distance metre with a 150-foot range. Although it isn’t as strong as some of the other models on our list, its accuracy, range, and size more than make up for it. A powerful red laser, an illuminated crosshair targeting system, and an auto-off mode after 15 minutes to preserve battery life are among the features. Based on more than 350 user reviews, the Milwaukee150′ has an overall consumer rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


  • 150′ Range
  • +/- 1/16″ Precision
  • Color Backlit Screen
  •  IP54
  • button for side shots

Bosch Blaze GLM 20 Laser Distance Measure

Most of the time, all you need is a basic laser measure to complete the task. Finding the best laser measure that is reasonably priced and not overly complicated, however, is challenging given the wide variety of laser measuring equipment available. The Bosch Blaze GLM 20 Laser Distance Measure is what we’ve done to make it simple for you. You would be hard-pressed to find an accurate yet fairly priced tool built by a reputable manufacturer like this one, which is the most affordable laser measuring tool on the list. Although it only has a 65-foot operating range with 1/8-inch accuracy, this is more than sufficient for light measurement tasks.

DEWALT DW099S Laser Measure Tool with Bluetooth

The DEWALT DW099S Laser Measure Tool with Bluetooth is the best laser measuring tool for straightforward measuring tasks since it is loaded with straightforward yet useful capabilities. This DEWALT laser measure features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to send measures to your device and use them to generate floor layouts. Customers loved this feature right away since it made it simple for users to enter measurements into floor plan software and mark up these measures.

Stanley STHT77138X Laser Distance Measurer TLM99

When you have the Stanley STHT77138X Laser Distance Measurer TLM99 in your toolbox, hassle-free one-person measurements are completely feasible. Although it lacks more sophisticated laser measuring functions, its simple operation quickly elevates it to the top of today’s laser measuring equipment. Users especially appreciate how simple it is to use and how quick and precise the measurements are. Compared to other distance laser measurements, its buttons are easier to press, hold, and use even when angled awkwardly. This Stanley laser measure has a 100-foot operating range with 3/32-inch accuracy, which is more than enough for the majority of indoor measuring tasks and makes it a fantastic laser measure for appraisers.

Huepar LM200C Laser Distance Measure with Camera

A typical laser measuring instrument might not be sufficient to view your target while you’re working in low-light situations or at night. So why not choose a laser measure with a built-in camera for outdoor use? The Huepar LM200C Laser Distance Measure with Camera provides that, and its pointfinder camera feature alone elevates it to the top tier of laser measuring equipment. With a crosshair in the display and a zoom that can be adjusted from 2x to 4x, the camera on this outdoor laser measure makes it simple to see and aim at the desired point. Additionally, it has a revolving color backlit display that shows data in high definition. It enables you to take precise measures without problem, whether you’re measuring in low light or the dark.

Leica DISTO D1 Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth

The Leica DISTO D1 Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth is your best option if you want the majority of the features of the Leica DISTO D2 but don’t want to pay more. This device has Bluetooth 4.0 technology, just like the Leica DISTO D2, allowing you to work on the go and send measurements to the DISTO Sketch app or other floor plan apps. It also takes straightforward straight-line measurements in metric or imperial units and preserves the DISTO measurement precision of 1/16 inch.

Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth

Leica Geosystems is the only brand to consider when selecting the best laser measure. The Leica DISTO D2 Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth is even better because the company has improved the characteristics of every one of its laser measuring devices. Apart from the fact that it is produced by a reputable laser brand, Bluetooth 4.0 is what distinguishes this instrument as our top option. Thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, you can quickly process measurements on your smartphone in the Leica DISTO Sketch app or other floor plan tools.