Best Rowing Machine At The Moment

Rowing Machine

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Best Rowing Machines At The Moment

The rowing machine, a versatile and dynamic piece of fitness equipment, unfolds as a symphony of full-body engagement, cardiovascular intensity, and rhythmic fluidity. As individuals settle into the sliding seat and grasp the handle, the rowing motion becomes more than just a workout—it is a seamless fusion of strength, endurance, and a serene connection with the cadence of rowing strokes. The rhythmic push and pull, the swish of the water tank or the whir of resistance, create an immersive experience that transcends traditional cardio exercises.

At the heart of the rowing machine is the mimicry of the rowing stroke, a motion that engages the legs, core, and upper body in a harmonious sequence. The push of the legs against the footrest, the controlled lean back, and the powerful pull of the arms all contribute to a comprehensive and efficient workout. This synchronicity not only maximizes calorie burn but also promotes muscle development and cardiovascular health.

Embarking on the journey to purchase a rowing machine opens up a world of fitness possibilities, and choosing the right one requires thoughtful consideration. Begin by identifying your fitness goals and preferred features. A magnetic resistance rowing machine offers a smooth and quiet workout, ideal for home use without disturbing others. For a more dynamic and realistic rowing experience, consider an air resistance rower, providing variable resistance based on your stroke intensity.

Let’s explore these rowing machine types:

Air Resistance Rowing Machines:

Air resistance rowers are popular for providing a dynamic and realistic rowing experience. These machines use a flywheel with fan blades that spin as you pull the handle. The resistance is determined by the speed of the spinning fan, meaning the harder and faster you row, the more resistance you face. This type of rower offers a smooth and adjustable workout, making it suitable for users of different fitness levels.

Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machines:

Magnetic resistance rowers use magnets to create resistance. These machines allow for a quiet and smooth rowing motion, as the resistance is adjusted by changing the distance between the magnets and the flywheel. Users can typically control the resistance levels electronically, providing a customizable and precise workout. Magnetic rowers are often chosen for their quiet operation and ease of resistance adjustment.

Water Resistance Rowing Machines:

Water resistance rowers simulate the feel of rowing on water. These machines feature a water tank and a paddle system. As you pull the handle, you propel the paddle through the water, creating resistance. The resistance level is determined by the intensity of your rowing. Water rowers provide a realistic and soothing rowing experience, with the sound of water adding to the overall ambiance.

Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machines:

Hydraulic resistance rowers use pistons filled with hydraulic fluid to create resistance. The resistance level can often be adjusted manually by changing the settings on the pistons. Hydraulic rowers are compact and suitable for smaller spaces, making them a popular choice for home gyms. They offer a smooth rowing motion, and some models allow for independent arm movement, providing additional workout variety.

Elastic Cord Resistance Rowing Machines:

Rowing machines with elastic cord resistance utilize elastic cords or bands to create resistance. These machines are often compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and move. The resistance level can be adjusted by changing the tension of the cords. While they may have a simpler design compared to other types, they can still provide an effective cardiovascular workout.

Flywheel Resistance Rowing Machines:

Flywheel resistance rowers use a weighted flywheel connected to a chain or strap. As you pull the handle, the flywheel spins, creating resistance. The resistance is often adjustable to suit different fitness levels. These rowers provide a smooth and consistent rowing motion, making them popular for both beginners and experienced rowers.

Smart or Connected Rowing Machines:

Modern rowing machines often come equipped with smart or connected features. These machines may have built-in screens, allowing users to access training programs, track performance metrics, and even compete with others online. Connected rowers often sync with fitness apps, providing a comprehensive and interactive rowing experience.

Here are detailed descriptions of some of the top brands in the rowing machine industry:


Concept2 is synonymous with excellence in rowing machines. The Concept2 Indoor Rower, also known as the Model D, is a favorite among rowers of all levels. Known for its durability, smooth operation, and accurate performance monitoring, the Concept2 rowing machine is widely used in gyms, rowing clubs, and home settings. The brand’s commitment to quality has solidified its reputation as a leader in the rowing community.


WaterRower stands out for its innovative use of water resistance in rowing machines. The WaterRower’s unique water tank design provides a dynamic and realistic rowing experience, mimicking the feel of rowing on water. Crafted with sustainable materials, WaterRower machines are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, making them a popular choice for those seeking both performance and design.


NordicTrack, a well-established brand in the fitness industry, offers a range of rowing machines that combine advanced technology with sturdy construction. NordicTrack rowers often feature interactive touchscreen displays, allowing users to access on-demand workouts and track their performance. The brand’s commitment to innovation and versatility has made its rowing machines a popular choice for home fitness enthusiasts.


ProForm, another brand under the ICON Health & Fitness umbrella, is known for producing affordable yet high-quality rowing machines. ProForm rowers often come equipped with features like adjustable resistance, ergonomic design, and interactive training programs. The brand’s focus on delivering value without compromising on performance has earned it a solid reputation in the fitness equipment market.

Life Fitness:

Life Fitness is a global leader in fitness equipment, and their rowing machines are no exception. Designed for commercial and home use, Life Fitness rowers are built with durability in mind. They often feature advanced console options, heart rate monitoring, and resistance systems that provide a challenging workout. Life Fitness rowing machines are a preferred choice for those seeking professional-grade equipment.


Stamina Products is known for offering a diverse range of fitness equipment, including budget-friendly yet reliable rowing machines. Stamina rowers are often compact and foldable, making them suitable for home use where space is a consideration. Despite their affordability, Stamina rowing machines are built to provide effective workouts and durability.

Sunny Health & Fitness:

Sunny Health & Fitness specializes in affordable and functional fitness equipment, including rowing machines. Their rowers are designed to cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to more advanced fitness enthusiasts. Sunny Health & Fitness rowing machines often feature magnetic or hydraulic resistance systems and compact designs, making them suitable for home workouts.

Velocity Exercise:

Velocity Exercise focuses on producing high-quality rowing machines with a particular emphasis on smooth and quiet operation. Their rowers often feature air or magnetic resistance systems, ergonomic designs, and performance monitors. Velocity Exercise rowing machines are recognized for their durability and attention to detail.

XTERRA Fitness:

XTERRA Fitness offers a variety of fitness equipment, including rowing machines designed for home use. Known for their sturdy construction and user-friendly features, XTERRA Fitness rowers often include adjustable resistance levels, comfortable seating, and clear performance displays. The brand caters to those seeking reliable and affordable fitness solutions.


Kettler, a German brand with a strong reputation in the fitness industry, produces high-quality rowing machines designed for both recreational and serious athletes. Kettler rowers often feature magnetic resistance systems, sturdy frames, and intuitive consoles. The brand’s commitment to precision engineering and durability makes its rowing machines a trusted choice.

Let’s explore its features, benefits, and safety considerations:

Features of Rowing Machine

  • Flywheel and Resistance: Rowing machines typically have a flywheel mechanism that generates resistance. The resistance can be adjusted to suit different fitness levels.
  • Seat and Sliding Rail: The seat slides back and forth on a rail, mimicking the motion of rowing a boat. This provides a full-body workout.
  • Handle and Footrests: The handle is connected to the flywheel, and footrests provide stability during the rowing motion. Proper foot positioning is crucial for an effective workout.

Benefits of Rowing Machine

  • Full-Body Workout: Rowing engages multiple muscle groups, including the legs, back, arms, and core. It offers a comprehensive full-body workout in a single exercise.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Rowing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, helping to improve heart health and stamina.
  • Low Impact: Unlike some high-impact exercises, rowing is low-impact, making it gentler on the joints while still providing an effective workout.
  • Calorie Burning: Rowing can be an efficient way to burn calories, making it beneficial for weight management and loss.
  • Improves Posture: The rowing motion involves a strong emphasis on proper posture, helping to strengthen the back muscles and improve overall posture.

Safety Tips:

  • Warm-Up: Begin your session with a warm-up to prepare your muscles and joints for the rowing motion.
  • Proper Technique: Focus on proper rowing technique to prevent strain on your back and shoulders. A fluid and controlled motion is key.
  • Foot Straps: Secure your feet in the foot straps to ensure stability during the rowing stroke.
  • Adjust Resistance: Set the resistance at a level that matches your fitness level. Starting with a moderate resistance and gradually increasing as you become more comfortable is a good approach.
  • Monitor Settings: Pay attention to the display settings on the rowing machine, which often include time, distance, strokes per minute, and calories burned. This can help you track your progress and stay motivated.
  • Cool Down: Finish your workout with a cool-down to gradually bring your heart rate back to normal and prevent dizziness.
  • Hydration: Stay hydrated during your workout to support overall performance and recovery.