Best Video Projectors At The Moment

Video Projectors

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Best Video Projectors At The Moment

Looking to snag a video projector that’ll blow your mind? Well, mate, you’ve landed on the right turf! These bad boys deliver stunning visuals on massive screens, perfect for home theatres, corporate powwows, classrooms, and more. But before you dive in, let’s break down the essentials.

Size Up Your Visual Feast

When it comes to resolution, go sharp or go home! Full HD (1080p) or 4K will leave the competition eating dust. Brightness is the game-changer, measured in lumens. The higher, the brighter – ensuring your visuals pop, even in the trickiest lighting conditions. And don’t forget the contrast ratio for unbeatable depth with crisp blacks and whites.

The Projector Lineup

Home Sweet Home Theatre Projectors

Turn your space into a cinematic haven with Full HD or 4K projectors. Nailing colours and contrasts, they’re your ticket to epic movie nights and gaming sessions. Plus, features like lens shift, zoom, and HDMI galore make setup a breeze.

Bizniz and Presentation Powerhouses

For the corporate scene, you need brightness that shouts “I’m here!” These projectors bring visual zing to presentations, meetings, and conferences. Some even throw in wireless connections for that extra oomph.

Portable Pint-Sized Projectors

Compact and lightweight champs for last-minute presentations and casual entertainment. They may not shine as bright as the big boys, but their mobility is a force to be reckoned with.

Gaming Gurus

Gamers, rejoice! Lag-free, super-responsive nirvana awaits. High refresh rates, sky-high brightness – these projectors handle any gaming environment with ease.

Get Up Close and Personal

Short-throw projectors do more with less space. Ultra short-throw? No shadow play or glare – just pure, close-up awesomeness.

Interact with the Future

Interactive projectors turn any surface into a touchable or drawable playground. In schools and beyond, they keep the class engaged and ideas flowing.

Laser-Powered Wonder Machines

Laser projectors ditch traditional lamps for longer life, consistent brightness, and quick on/off action. Perfect for home theatres and pro settings, delivering better colours and a bigger colour range.

Outdoor Heroes for Any Weather

Don’t let the elements ruin your outdoor fun. These projectors handle it all, from ambient light to drizzles, with extra brightness and rugged features for top-notch performance.

Schools in Session

Classroom and education projectors in a league of their own. Bells, whistles, network connections, split-screen magic – they’ve got it all.

The Big Players


When it comes to projectors, Epson’s the big gun. From home entertainment to business and education, they’ve got vibrant colours, sky-high brightness, and cutting-edge tech.


Sony, a juggernaut in the tech world, delivers top-notch image quality, true 4K resolution, HDR content, and contrast that goes through the roof. Dive into an immersive visual experience!


Optoma’s all about bang for your buck. Balancing performance and affordability, they cover home entertainment to business and pro settings. Extra brightness, versatile connections, and even 4K support – they’re the people’s choice.


BenQ leads the pack in visual innovation. From home theatre to business and education, they’ve got projectors with jaw-dropping colours, everlasting lamps, and even wireless and interactive features.


LG shines with LED light sources, offering long lamp life and compact designs. Whether portable or short-throw, LG pushes the tech envelope for home and business.


ViewSonic, a trusted name, delivers crystal-clear visuals for education, business, and home entertainment. With DLP and LED tech, they’re energy-efficient powerhouses.


JVC dominates home theatre projectors with exceptional image quality, native 4K, deep blacks, and wicked contrast ratios. Get ready for a premium home theatre setup.


When you’re in the professional game, NEC’s got your back. Built tough for corporate, education, and large venues, they mean business with durability and pro features.


Casio shines bright with lamp-free projectors, powered by laser and LED. Perfect for education and business, they deliver consistent performance and a low total cost of ownership.


When it’s showtime, Barco’s the name to remember. High-performance projectors for large venues and pro settings, delivering high brightness, spot-on colours, and tech that wows.

What Makes Projectors Tick

  • Resolution: From SD to 4K Ultra HD, higher resolution means sharper and clearer content.
  • Brightness: More lumens make your visuals shine, even on colossal screens and in bright spots.
  • Throw Distance: Impacting the size of your visual masterpiece, the throw distance is the space between the projector and the screen.
  • Aspect Ratio: Choose between 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard) for the width and height of your projected content.
  • Connectivity: Hook up computers, media players, and gaming consoles with HDMI, VGA, USB, and wireless connections.
  • Keystone Correction: Straighten out wonky images caused by the projector’s angle for a clean and crisp view.
  • Lens Zoom and Shift: Tinker with image size and position without moving the projector around.

Why Projectors Rock

  • Giant Screen Vibes: Projectors bring the silver screen to your space, making every movie night epic.
  • Jack of All Trades: From presentations to gaming, education to business – versatility is their middle name.
  • Portable Powerhouses: On-the-go presentations and entertainment? Small projectors pack a punch, ready for action.
  • Pocket-Friendly Brilliance: Huge screen experience without breaking the bank. Who needs a massive TV?
  • Smart Learning: Projectors up the ante in the classroom, turning lessons into interactive experiences.
  • Boss-Level Presentations: The secret weapon for wowing clients and colleagues with professional and impactful presentations.

Stay Safe and Keep It Classy

  • Cool It: Ensure your projector’s well-ventilated to avoid overheating – no one wants a hot mess!
  • Stable Ground: Keep it on solid ground for a steady image – no shaky business here.
  • Eye Protection: Safety first! Don’t stare into the projector’s lens when it’s on – not good for your peepers.
  • Power Cord Savvy: Use the right power cord and keep it out of people’s way – no tripping hazards allowed.
  • Cool Down: Let your projector cool down before packing it up – abrupt shutdowns are a no-go.
  • Screen Check: Ensure your screen or surface can handle the heat and light without melting or warping – safety matters!
  • Shutdown Protocol: Always turn it off using the power button or remote control – no abrupt shutdowns allowed.
  • Handle with Care: Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines for the lens and exterior – scratches and damage aren’t on the agenda.
  • Read the Labels: Pay attention to safety labels and warnings in the user manual – safety is paramount!

Ready to dive into the world of top-notch projectors? Bag yours now and unleash the visual magic!