The Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser Bosch GLL40-20G

Bosch GLL40-20G, you know that it can be hard to see whether you have ever used a Laser Level at full daylight. The GLL40-20G green laser from Bosch is the right solution for your faint vision.

The Bosch GLL40-20G Cross-Line Laser Self-Levelling projects green laser lines up to 2X shiner than normal red beams. The cross-line laser is also fitted with a Smart Pendulum System that enables automated self-leveling. And out-level condition indication and pendulum lock for the secure transport of equipment.

The Bosch GLL40-20G is ±4 degrees feather and level with the same self-level technology as the GLL3-300, and the laser completes the mission. The laser contains a soft storage pocket and a convenient small fixture that can be fastened on different surfaces.

A horizontal line and vertical line for plumbing problems can be used in the green laser crossbeam pattern of the Bosch GLL40-20 G.

To get the plumb and level lines it is easy to make the final changes. The self-levelling function finishes the work when you have around the plumb and the Bosch GLL40-20 G level.


In order to boost line visibility and increase the total battery life of the laser line, the GLL40-20 G monitors power consumption with Bosch’s built-in VisiMax technology.

Fine Positioning:

The kit includes the versatile installation system MM 2 for easy installation in step-mounted and stand-alone installations. It has the option to change the height of the unit and then lock it. It is microfine.

Green Laser:

The GLL40-20 G offers the same power source as our red beam lasers for a green laser up to 2x higher. There is also a working range of laser leveling up to 40 Ft.


  • Crossline mode – projects two high-level and plumbing bright lines for a wide range of grading and alignment applications.
  • Compact 40 Ft. cross line laser architecture – includes green vision lasers, automated precision technology, and brightness VisiMaxTM.
  • High green-beam laser lines — up to 2X lighter than traditional red beams.
  • Simple to use, simple to store, ergonomic, compact, and lightweight.

This Bosch GLL40-20 G green laser is a simple piece of advice. If you need a laser cross beam and want to use a laser during the daytime this is a sensible purchase from Toptopdeal. The GLL40-20 G of Bosch is aimed at a market other than the very preferred GLL3-300.

While its ability to show fine, bright crosslines may not have any of the higher-end laser capabilities, it would make it a valuable tool for every handyman. Its small dimensions make it easy to store and slide around, and its automatic capability is easy and intuitive to use.

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