The brand Terratek is an international brand that aims to put together a wide variety of power tools, built with high quality and at the most affordable prices. They definitely do that, in my opinion. In reality, I’d go as far as to suggest that they’re delivering “bumper value” at a very low price.

Their cordless drills/drivers are at the lower end of the price point and range from £35-45 for their best option. To be frank, it doesn’t get any cheaper than that. The good news is that customers seem to enjoy them too. They have a rather distinctive color scheme of orange and grey on their logo.

Uses for Your Vacuum Cleaner

Preventing House Fires
Using a vacuum cleaner is a perfect way to eliminate any residual lint, the leading cause of house fires, from your dryer vent system and the dryer itself. Always unplug the dryer first and turn off the gas line if you have one and then use the crevice tool to reach the vent area and underneath the unit. If you are handy, open the outside housing at the back of the dryer and vacuum any stuck lint away.

Reduce allergens indoor
Keep the window sills and cracks between the outside screens and the window panes from collecting allergens by vacuuming daily. Use the dust brush on the vacuum window and door screens to clear pollen and dust.

Recover Small Items
If you’ve lost something like an earring, a nail, or a screw behind a piece of furniture that’s hard to lift, grab your vacuum. Attach a piece of mesh or an old pantyhose over the end of the crevice with a rubber band. The purpose of the missing object and vacuum suction will trap it against the mesh so that you can make a recovery.

Trap Dust Before It Spreads
Use the vacuum dusting brush to catch dust on lampshades, books, light fixtures, blinds, and even plant leaves before you do some extra cleaning. Second, removing the dust will remove streaks and dandruff.

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