YSL Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) has been a major fashion designer since the 1960s. Launching its first fragrance in 1964, YSL is recognized for its high, long-lasting, popular perfumes and colognes.

The Best YSL Perfume

YSL La Nuit de L’Homme
Firstly, It has a sweet and attractive combo of cardamom and floral that stays about eight hours. Moreover, Its heart is a wonderful combination of bergamot and lemongrass with a drop of tea tree. All set against the base of caraway, charcoal, and honeysuckle with a soft youthful fragrance.

Yves Saint Laurent Y
Yves Saint Laurent Y has a spicy, fruity, long-lived wood smell. Further, The flavors of Yves Saint Laurent contain rose water, herb, and alcohols. The heart is made up of pineapple, green apple, geranium, purple, and sage. Moreover, The foundation of Yves Saint Laurent Y is a wonderful combination of sour cream pine, honeysuckle, cedarwood, oil lamps, musk, and passion fruit.

Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Intense
The top notes of Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Intense are lemon and bergamot with a touch of black pepper. Further, The heart of the fragrance consists of artemisia, a dusty herbal tone. And it’s got a leather foundation to produce a strong male fragrance.

Yves St. Laurent L’homme Sport
Yves St. Laurent L’homme Sport Lemon verbena, ginger, and bergamot combine top notes for a light, charming fragrance. Moreover, the heart of Yves St. Laurent L’homme Product is an herb, purple leaf, white pepper, and peppers. Further, the basis combines cedarwood, Tahitian vetiver, and tonka bean.

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent
The top notes of Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent are bergamot, coriander, artemisia, clay sage. The heart is composed of a beautiful blend of jasmine, peony, violet, lavender, caramel, and bay leaf. As well as they base rounds off this heavy feminine fragrance with oakmoss, ambergris, incense, patchouli, vetiver, leather, honey, musk, and civet.


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