Choose Best Laser – Makita SK104Z

With a range of brands out there, laser levels of Makita SK104Z styles and so many other functions and technical specifications. Choosing the right one for your needs is becoming more difficult.

The key feature of a laser level is project lines, both for indoor and outdoor use. This can be used as a ‘virtual chalk line’ to ensure that the right lines and angles are maintained at the worksite for various workers. If it’s a Rotary Laser or Self-Leveling. To increase visibility, most of them either project a green or red light.

Makita SK104Z Self-Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Cross-Line Laser

Horizontal/Vertical Cross-Line Self-Leveling Laser Makita SK104Z. For increased performance, it has a rapid self-leveling time, achieving stability within 3 seconds. For function on uneven terrain, the self-leveling is adjustable to a slope of up to 4 degrees. Depending on the ambient light in the work area, the line vision range of the SK104Z is up to 50.

  • The range of the laser line fan reaches well beyond 90° to include a horizontal line of 180° and a vertical line of 120°. In challenging applications, for total reference line coverage 
  • Three separate mode functions maintain power by only allowing the use of battery power when required to operate the necessary functions. 
  • The multipurpose magnetic bracket can be mounted to a 1/4-inch tripod or to metal and wood objects. 
  • The pendulum lock provides additional laser diode protection during transport and storage.

The structure is lightweight, compact, and simple to transport anywhere; it is also highly resistant to water, impact, and building dust.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The choice of the suitable laser level depends entirely on what the user needs it to be used for. In both interior decoration, the height of doors and windows, or fixing tiles, etc., many indoor applications can involve measuring distances, height, and right angles.

Since outdoor usage can vary from plumbing to construction sites: elevation of land, survey, and layout, etc.

These laser levels automatically locate the fields, as the name suggests, and adjust their level to and within the range of the worksite. They do not adjust and re-level regularly, better than the level of manual leveling. They come in a wide range of different rows.

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