Have you found yourself having to purchase a new reciprocating saw, but are you uncertain of what to choose?

If you work at a construction site or do a little research. This type of saw is particularly useful when you are operating without a power outlet on a site.

I’ve put a short history of each reciprocating cordless saw below to make it easier for you, so you can read through each saw and align with what you’re looking for.

DeWalt DCS380N 18V XR Li-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw BEST RECIPROCATING SAW –

DeWalt DCS380N 18V XR Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw Body Cordless Only. A terrific piece of kit. Loads of electricity, simple to use. The battery and converter were sold separately. The lever-action keyless 4-position blade clamp makes it fast and simple to turn blades. A bright LED light on the saw illuminates dark work areas, providing control and increasing the life of the saw during the cutting of the pivoting shoe. Keyless blade clamp with lever-action for fast and simple blade changes.

  • An adjustable pivoting shoe with an open top for high stability and visibility of the blade during cutting
  • The four-position blade clamp facilitates flush cutting and increases flexibility.

Cutting Performance

Contractors and tradesmen know that having a decent reciprocating saw is an invaluable instrument for many demolitions and building ventures. Often, it is the only kind of saw that will fit the scenario.

The DeWalt DCS380 has the features and characteristics we would have anticipated for a professional-grade cordless model at its launch, but newer saws continue to drive performance.

LED Light

There is a bright LED light in the DeWalt DCS380 that illuminates your work surface very well. You get a little better light coverage than most manufacturers with the ability to pivot the shoe plate.

Vibration Control

It is understandable that vibration management was not the primary design objective of this model as part of the first generation of lithium-ion reciprocating saws. 

The four-way multi-position blade clamp is one of the most useful characteristics of this saw, providing more flexibility as it allows for faster flush cutting and tight spaces to be reached. We see it on other DeWalt models, but they have not yet jumped on board with other brands.

If the DeWalt DCS380 wants to perform at the top of the 18V/20V Max class, it can withstand a few improvements in the form of vibration control, a brushless motor, and orbital action. It’s always a screw, though, that can get the job done.

If you’re looking for the fastest-cutting portable reciprocal saw, buy it. If vibration management is a huge priority for you, pass.

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