Good tips for making better cuts out of your circular saw.

One of the most powerful and inexpensive instruments you can buy is a circular saw. Learn to make straight cuts, plunge cuts, and how to make nifty jigs in the simplest way. 

The DSS610Z model has been developed as our first circular cordless saw operated by an 18V/3.0Ah Li-ion battery. Strong 360W maximum performance. but with the extra-light and lightweight nature achieved by using the power unit of the lithium-ion battery. The high rotational speed of 3,700 rpm delivered by the enhanced motor is smooth and efficient.  For better, quicker, and more precise outcomes from your trusty saw, follow these tips.

Support Your Work

It is also difficult to keep your work steady while using a circular saw. And not to cut through your work surface. Trying to avoid cutting sawhorses or workbenches can lead to unsafe situations of all kinds. Find a thick piece of foam to place on top of your work surface or a large sheet of rigid insulation. It will give the material somewhere to lay flat, provide some grip. And makes it so much easier to break down sheet products like plywood.

Start Your Cuts Straight

When you just need to make a rapid, quick, or freehand cut, a speed square is the easiest way to line up your cuts. Line the guide mark up to the line, and, as shown, but the square on the left side of the saw’s shoe. Keep it there as a reference as you drive the saw with your other hand through the cut. Focus on moving your arm straight through the cut with your elbow and following along the edge of the square, using the guidance mark of your saw, and every time you get straight cuts.

It becomes simple with an offset block

Remembering how far from the left side of the shoe, the blade is offset. It is one of the toughest aspects of using a circular saw. Getting an offset block is a perfect way to accelerate things when you need to use a straightedge to make a long cut. Cut a small wood block that’s the same width as the offset of your saw. Hold your offset block at the bottom of the case of your saw. So that it will still be convenient for you.

One of the first instruments that I started using as a woodworker was a circular saw. If you’re just starting out or have been doing it for decades, each woodworker should have one, and it’ll be helpful for as long as you build and develop.

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