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Cordless Mitre saws have become increasingly popular among tradesmen, combining reliability and power with portability and versatility. The Mitre is the most popular style of Mitre saw and has been around since the early 1900’s. They are also known as the ‘crescent saw’. This saw type is basically a cross over of the Japanese traditional saw and the modern-day Mitre saw. Cordless Mitre Saws have many advantages over their corded or motorized brothers, including:

Accurate Cuts:

One of the major advantages of cordless mitre saws is that they are extremely accurate, thanks to their compact size and powerful motors. Many models will allow the user to program in accurate angle settings. This is great for do-it-yourself woodworking enthusiasts who may not be able to get as accurate cuts as professionals. Also, by using cordless, one does not have to worry about running an extension cord all the way from their home to the workbench.

Versatile Accessories:

The uses for cordless miter saws are practically limitless. In fact, the only limit to Cordless Mitre saw usage is the imagination of the user! Some of the most commonly seen accessories with a cordless miter saw are: screw drivers, blade protectors, drill bits, pencil sharpeners, and stools. Even though cordless miter saws are primarily used for cutting wood, they can also be used to cut metal and stone.

Convenient Power Source:

Cordless miter saws can be powered by one or more batteries, which makes them incredibly convenient. One can start the saw right out of the box and carry it with you. One can even take it camping with them. Most cordless mitre saws come with a rechargeable battery that has a life expectancy ranging between three and five hours.

Brushless Motor:

One feature that every serious electrician always looks for in a power tool is a brushless motor. Mitre saws with brushless motors deliver fast, efficient results and are highly desirable for anyone who needs a durable, lightweight saw that can cut through concrete. The best cordless miter saws will use a brushless motor that delivers smooth, quiet operation. Some models of cordless saws feature dual or variable speed controls as well as a dust collection tray.

Bevel Cuts:

The smooth bevel cuts are some of the most precise and true to form cuts that you can make on wood. The bevel angle of a mitre saw is critical to the accuracy of the cut. Some of the more expensive models will have extremely complex bevel angles that can be customized. More affordable models will typically feature more simple bevel cuts that just require you to apply a little pressure while your saw is in the “on” position. Some of the more sophisticated mitre saws will allow you to change the bevel angle and even incorporate multiple bevel cuts into one. The best cordless miter saws will allow you to simultaneously perform up to six bevel cuts at once.


Cordless miter saws offer variable speeds at various settings. The best cordless miter saws offer between one and two hundred and one hundred and twenty five revolutions per minute. This speed allows you to perform cuts in a variety of different patterns, which is essential when cutting hard materials like sheet rock. Even though these are lower speeds than some of the higher powered versions, you will still be able to get accurate cuts in all but the most difficult materials.


Cordless Makita XLS 1902Z mitre saws are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are known for their ability to deliver large amounts of power for a longer period of time. You should expect up to eight hours of continuous operation between charges. To conserve the battery’s life, you should ensure that you do not run the cordless makita xls 1902z too often or during high operating temperatures. This will help to ensure that you always have a working pair of Mitre saws at hand.

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