Top UK Cordless Metal Cutting Saws

When it comes to tackling metal cutting projects, cordless metal cutting saws are a game-changer. Say goodbye to the hefty expense of hiring a contractor when you can empower yourself with these remarkable power tools. You can easily find cordless metal shears at your local UK hardware store for a reasonable price, but the real treasure trove awaits you when you explore the online marketplace. The choice you make depends on the nature of your project, its size, and the intended usage. This guide will provide you with invaluable insights into cordless metal cutting saws and what to consider when making a purchase.

Discover the Ideal Metal Cutting Saw

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, a high-quality metal cutting saw is a must-have tool for achieving precise and effortless metal cuts. With a plethora of options available in the market, selecting the perfect one can be a daunting task. To simplify your decision-making process, here are the key factors to keep in mind:

PORTER-CABLE Metal Cutting Saw

For those seeking affordability without compromising on performance, the Porter-Cable PCE700 is a worthy contender. This UK-friendly metal cutting saw boasts a 14-inch cutting blade, operating at an impressive 3800 RPM speed. It's versatile enough to cut through a wide range of metals, and it comes with a reassuring 3-year warranty, making it a reliable choice. The robust 15 amp motor ensures that it can handle various metal components. Notable features include an integrated spark deflector, adjustable cutting fence, and a heavy-duty steel base for stability. Working with this saw promises a satisfying and efficient metal cutting experience.

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw

If you're willing to invest in top-tier power tools for your construction projects, Dewalt is a premium brand that meets your expectations. Their Dewalt DW872, equipped with a carbide-tipped blade, secures the second spot in our selection. With its 14-inch cutting blade and carbide tip, it operates at just under 1300 RPM, delivering exceptional cutting performance.

Makita Metal Cutting Saw

Makita, another reputable brand in the world of power tools, introduces a formidable metal cutting saw in this guide. While it may come with a slightly higher price tag, it offers outstanding cutting capabilities. Ranking third is the 12-inch Makita metal cutting saw, which strikes an ideal balance between size and cutting strength thanks to its carbide-tipped blade and a remarkable 1700 RPM spin rate. The powerful 15 amp motor ensures that it can handle metal components with ease. At 90 degrees, it can cut metal parts up to 4-1/2 inches in length, and at 45 degrees, up to 3-1/2 inches. This metal cutting saw also features a rapid-release tool-free guide plate for added convenience, along with a metal shaving collection box.

MILWAUKEE Metal Cutting Saw

The Milwaukee Group is renowned for offering high-quality tools and equipment, and their M18 metal-cutting circular saw earns a well-deserved place on our list. What sets this cordless marvel apart is its exceptional quality and dependable performance. Powered by batteries, it's the only cordless option featured here. With a brushless motor operating at 3900 RPM, you can expect flawless cutting every time. The M18 Red Lithium batteries, while not included in the listing, can deliver up to 370 cuts in 3/4-inch EMT. These batteries boast durability due to the absence of wearing components.

Key Features of Metal Cutting Saws

Metal cutting saws, also known as metal chop saws or cut-off saws, are specialized power tools designed for precision metal cutting. They find applications in metalworking, fabrication, construction, and other industries where accurate and efficient metal cutting is a necessity. Here are some essential features you'll find in these exceptional tools:
  • Abrasive or Carbide-Tipped Blade: Metal cutting saws employ either abrasive blades for softer metals like steel or carbide-tipped blades for tougher metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.
  • High RPM (Revolutions Per Minute): These saws operate at high RPM to ensure swift and efficient metal cutting.
  • Coolant System: Many metal cutting saws come equipped with built-in coolant systems to maintain the blade and workpiece at an optimal temperature, reducing heat and prolonging blade life.
  • Adjustable Cutting Angle: Metal cutting saws often feature adjustable cutting angles or miter cutting capabilities. Allowing users to cut metal at various angles for versatile applications.
  • Clamping Mechanism: To ensure stability and safety during cutting. Metal cutting saws incorporate clamping mechanisms to securely hold the workpiece in place.
  • Cutting Capacity: The cutting capacity refers to the maximum thickness and width of metal that the saw can effectively cut. It's a critical consideration based on your specific needs.
With these top-notch cordless metal cutting saws and an in-depth understanding of their features. You're well-equipped to make an informed purchase decision. Transform your metalworking projects with precision and efficiency today.