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Makita planers make the wood easier than ever to shave. For every step around the board, you can take a piece of wood down with even increments and accuracy. Makita planers use the sharpest blades available to ensure that, with absolute precision, the operation is smooth with each swipe. The dust extraction port can also remove dust from the workpiece, so you can still see what you’re doing, whilst the underneath shoe ensures that when you put the planer down, you don’t accidentally ruin the job.

Makita DKP181Z 18V LXT Brushless 82 Mm Planer

With a high-powered Brushless Motor, the DKP181Z provides a heavy-duty cutting output, enabling a massive 3 mm max. Depth trimming. Coupled with Automatic Torque Drive Technology for optimal cutting, the planer automatically adjusts speed and torque depending on the load conditions.

Simple chamfering by groove alignment with workpiece lip.
For the groove, three grooves of different sizes allow for different dimensions.
Depending on the load state, the Automatic Drive Drive Technology (ADT) changes the speed and torque.


  • Voltage                                       18 Volt
  • Planning Width                          82mm
  • Max. Planning Depth                 3mm
  • Shipping / Rebate                      25mm
  • No Load Speed                          12,000 RPM
  • Vibration                                    5.0m/s²
  • Overall Length                           366mm

Cordless Makita DKP180Z 18V LXT Li-Ion 82mm Planer Body Only

The 18 Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Planer from Makita, which is the body, only has a lock-on button which gives the user the option of continuous operation. The DKP180Z is an 18V Li-ion Planer with an output rate of up to 14,000 rpm. For added value, it features a blade cutter head and a smooth finish with double carbide blades.

The lock-on button enables continuous operation by the operator. Using left and right, because of the buttons on either side of the handle.


  • Planning Width: 82mm – 3¼”
  • Planning depth: 2mm
  • Max rebate depth: 9mm
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Charging Time: 22 min

The Makita Planer comes with the LXT Brushless 82 mm on the Toptopdeal platform. It also includes an electric brake & a foot of the base plate, enhancing safety & protecting workpieces from potential damage. Using left and right, because of the buttons on either side of the handle. Due to the buttons on either side of the handle, left and right-handed use.

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