Cordless Twin Pack with high efficiency

Cordless Twin Pack with high quality, here we’re going to show you a Cordless twin pack of professional brands. The Bosch GSB 18V-28 has a powerful 13mm, all-metal, self-locking torque and is capable of producing 63Nm of torque. Moreover, Skilled applications thanks to the 13mm keyless fork Forward. In addition, The 2-speed gearbox and the sensitive variable-speed trigger make this an all-around cordless combi, capable of driving screws and drilling in wood, metal, masonry, and concrete. 

Skilled performance, efficiency, and design The safety features include a kill switch and an ECP (electronic cell protection) for batteries. The 5.0Ah battery gives you plenty of time to drive more screws and drill more holes per charge.

Bosch GSB 18V-28 Professional 18V Combi Drill:

At only 205mm front to back and weighing only 1.7kg, this is a small, relatively lightweight yet effective tool. The Bosch GSB 18V-28 has a powerful 13mm, all-metal, self-locking torque and is capable of producing 63Nm of torque.

  1. Electronic Motor Safety (EMP) protects the engine from overload and ensures a long service life.
  2. Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) prevents batteries from overload, overheating, and deep discharge, protecting them against irreparable harm.
  3. LED Working Lamps. The small size makes it easier to access in tight spots and while operating overhead. On the functional front, the LED work light illuminates the working area and the body features a belt loop and bit storage.

Bosch GDX 18V-180 Impact Driver:

Best head length (126mm) to torque ratio (200 Nm): this Bosch brushless impact driver offers powerful to use, even in hard-to-reach areas Brushless motor for optimum output and quality, this Bosch GDR 18 V-180 C Impact Driver has high power in a compact size and is also capable of keeping a Bluetooth communication module to connect to the Bosch toolbox app to keep track of tool status.

  1. Unique bit holder blends 1/2′′ square and 1/4′′ hex – with many more applications.
  2. Quite a lightweight style for perfect handling, even in the narrowest spaces and overhead.
  3. Quick and efficient work growth, thanks to high speed and high torque.
  4. Simple and comfortable handling thanks to a modern ergonomic template.

Toptopdeal gives you a high-efficiency 18V-28 Bosch GSB. These are effective and efficient tools that provide a great and open entrance into the world of technical tools. The GSB 18 V-28 Combi Drill weighs a compact 1.7kg and provides a relatively lightweight but effective tool. The GSB 18 V-28 is capable of producing 63Nm of torque with a powerful 13mm, all-metal, self-locking valve.

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