An effective tool for breaking down large concrete walls is Makita demolition hammers. It is possible to buy a range of sizes and types. Not only are Makita demolition hammers intended for use on walls, but they can also be used on any dense, heavy, and durable material.

Makita HM1812/2 240V AVT Hex Shank Demolition Electric Breaker

With the latest HM1812, Makita HM1812 240V once again leaps to the top of the performance league table for strong 32kg electric breakers. It implements a new vibration damping device that effectively separates the effect produced from the motor housing, cuts vibration ratings once again, and generates a remarkable 4 hours 43 minutes of available working time to meet the exposure limit value.

  • 60% increase in impact energy to 73 joules
  • 25% reduction in vibration to just 6.5m/s²
  • 4 hours 43 minutes run time to ELV
  • Vibration absorbing housing

Makita HM1812/1 110V AVT Hex Shank Demolition Electric Breaker

Makita HM1214C, adapted for SDS-MAX parts, is a 10 kg demolition hammer. AVT for decreased vibration when chipping are the main characteristics. AVT (Active dynamic vibration absorber). For vertical downwards applications, optimum inline tool design. High job performance.

  • Soft start
  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Highly durable switch

Makita HM1214C 240V AVT SDS Max In-Line Demolition Hammer

Makita HM1214C-240V Demolition Hammer Drill 240v 10kgs class, wide and solid. The Demolition Hammer has a soft start to more easily suppress start-ups. If you want to cut out a small slot, or you need to crack open a concrete floor, it makes a huge difference, you see. The head is not spinning but is going back and forth.

  • Side handle swivels 360° for greater control
  • L.E.D. power light indicates switch failure or cord damage

The greater the number of joules, the greater the power that the Makita demolition hammers produce. It makes a pretty big difference, whether you want to cut out a tiny opening or need to crack open a concrete floor.

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