What can an oscillating multi-tool do?

What an oscillating multi-tool can do is an oscillating multi-tool or multi-cutter, one of the most useful tools in DIY and the business-toolbox. The flexibility of Dewalt Multi-Tool helps you to work with ease on several tasks. Which would typically take longer if done without.

There is a lightweight 300W motor in the Dewalt DCS355N oscillating multi-tool. With a quick-change adapter device, you can change blades and attachments without any tools in no time.  The DeWalt DCS355N XR Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool provides brushed engines with up to 57 percent more runtime.

The ergonomically shaven rubber handle ensures that even during extended use it is simple to carry.  Our multi-tool components Dewalt DCS355N are powerful and the knives have a solid cutting point.

It is important to prepare it in advance, however, before you sauté in and cover your surface with your new favorite color. This can be achieved by using a steel scraper blade to scrape off the paint with a sanding pad link until the correct degree of smoothness is reached.

Features and benefits:

Dual grip position and variable speed control. Allows fast soft start and enhanced application control

Use a Straightedge for Straight Cuts

Using the oscillating tool to cut the issue correctly and cleanly.

Round Blades or Straight?

A straight blade ideally suited to sink trimmings in which the blade stung to the surface. If you make a short marking first and then deepen it progressively with an oscillator scope. 

Remove Trim Without Damage

Remove the trim from the wall so that the oscillating instrument’s blade fits, stick the nails, and cut them with a metal-cut edge.

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