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Special Prices on Dolls & Accessories

Dolls come in a range of colors, sizes, and pricing points. Others are witty, and interactive, and come with dozens of extras, while some are basic, floppy, and cuddly. Although we’re happy to have seen a few more black dolls and boy dolls, as well as some dolls with disabilities, in recent months, we must admit that the majority of them are still very white with very pink outfits. While other dolls are fantastic for immersing your child in a deeply imaginative pretend-play world or role-playing what they experience in their daily life, caring for a baby doll teaches your child empathy and improves their social skills. Make your child’s play more imaginative by using adorable doll accessories. There are miniature jewelry pieces available, including tiaras, earrings, and necklaces. You may buy little handbags, heels, and boots to put on your dolls at home. When it comes to purchasing dolls and accessories, you're entering a world of imagination, companionship, and endless possibilities. Dolls are not just toys; they are beloved friends, vessels of storytelling, and vehicles for nurturing creativity.

What To Look For When Buying A Doll

It’s crucial to pick a doll that corresponds to your child’s age. A doll that might be ideal for a toddler generally won’t keep the interest of a 6-year-old because different age groups interact with dolls differently. Here are some things to think about when purchasing a doll: For Babies And Toddlers: For infants and young children, size and softness are essential. Look for a large doll with a squishable body for lots of cuddling. Toddlers desire a doll they can easily carry around, while young babies will like strong, high-contrast facial features. When your child is this young, the perfect doll would also be machine-washable.

Types Of Collectible Toys

Design a Friend Mermaid Doll

A soft-bodied doll measuring 46 cm high with movable arms and legs as well as long, solar-activated hair that can change color from white to pink and orange. comes with a charm bracelet for her new owner and two clothes, one human and the other mermaid. arrives wrapped in tissue paper inside a cardboard gift box at a la boutique. We love her mermaid tail and shiny silver trainers, and she is a terrific size and very huggable. But there’s no denying that her stunning color-changing hair is the main draw. Heena, the mother of our child tester, said, “The hair was a total — and best surprise.”

Kindi Kids Poppi Pearl Bubble ‘N’ Sing

A plastic doll about 27 cm tall with large eyes and a multicolored ponytail. She laughs, sings a “happy bubble” tune, and blows bubbles with the flavor of ice cream when you touch the shell button on her swimsuit. includes a dummy, bottle, and bubble gun. Although Kindi Kids dolls have been around for a while (they even have their own YouTube channel), this one has a huge wow factor boost because of the abundance of bubbles, which truly do stream out astonishingly.

 LOL Surprise! Tweens Fashion Dolls

A 16 cm tall plastic doll with “runway-ready” attire comes with 15 surprises, all of which are wrapped or packaged in paper. These surprises include shoes, a hatbox, a hairbrush, a hanger, and a clothing stand. Her recyclable cardboard container transforms into a playroom set that includes a fold-out bed. Our 5-year-old kid tester Indie-Rose exclaimed, “Oh, wow, the accessories!” “I enjoy their names and their hairdo, as well as their huge eyes. I enjoy each of their bedrooms. Everything about them appeals to me!” And we must admit that we concur! We thought the little storage drawer in the fold-down bed, where you can put unwrapped accessories, was a particularly good touch. The surprises are fantastic (and beautifully wrapped), and the repurposing of the box as a bedroom is a pleasant touch.

Ballet Studio Sindy

A rigid-bodied, 28-cm-tall doll with fully articulated joints wearing a tutu, leotard, legwarmers, and dance shoes. comes with a cardboard mannequin with reversible paper clothes, a crafting card to construct ballot props, and a tiny magazine filled with puzzles and activities with a ballet theme. She also comes with her ballet barre. This charming update to the vintage Sindy doll is a little larger. We enjoy her incredibly flexible legs, knees, and ankles (she’s been practicing those ballet steps for a while!) and her natural beauty, which is a lovely contrast to some of the most fashionable dolls available.

Manhattan Playdate Harper Doll

A soft doll measuring 25 cm in height with a built-in onesie and detachable shoes and clothes. includes a miniature teddy bear. It is dryer-safe and machine-washable. She is wonderfully built, really soft, and her clothes are easy to take off and wash. Despite being labeled as safe for infants from birth, we believe that this doll is better suited for toddlers because of the small teddy bear and detachable booties. Perfect for cuddling, role-playing, and carrying around.

Baby Annabell Alexander

Alexander is a 43cm-high soft-bodied doll with plastic limbs who is Baby Annabell’s sibling and is clad in a blue pajama set (of course). He sips genuine water, sobs wet his diaper and laughs when teased. includes a pendant, dummy, bottle, and bib. He is adorable, soft, and a good size for cuddling. Some of the sounds he makes, particularly when he suckers on his bottle or dummy, are very convincingly babylike. Although you can at least turn the sound off, some of our child testers’ parents found his sobbing to be quite loud.


  • Diverse Styles: Dolls come in a wide range of styles, including fashion dolls, baby dolls, action figures, and collectible dolls, each catering to different preferences.
  • Customization: Many dolls offer customization options, allowing owners to change their clothing, hairstyles, and accessories, promoting creativity and personalization.
  • Accessories: Dolls often come with a range of accessories such as clothing, shoes, furniture, and even vehicles, expanding play possibilities and enhancing the doll's realism.
  • Collectibility: Some dolls, especially limited-edition or vintage ones, are highly sought after by collectors and can appreciate in value over time.
  • Educational Value: Dolls can promote social and emotional development in children by encouraging imaginative play, nurturing, and role-playing.


  • Imaginative Play: Dolls stimulate imaginative play, allowing children to role-play various scenarios and develop their creativity and storytelling skills.
  • Social Skills: Playing with dolls can help children learn social skills such as empathy, communication, and cooperation as they interact with their dolls and other children.
  • Collecting Hobby: Collecting dolls rewarding and enjoyable hobby providing a sense of accomplishment when acquiring rare or unique pieces.
  • Cultural Representation: Dolls often reflect cultural diversity and can help educate children about different cultures, traditions, and identities.

Safety Considerations:

  • Age-Appropriate: Pay attention to age recommendations on doll packaging to ensure that the doll and its accessories are safe for the intended age group.
  • Choking Hazards: Many doll accessories, such as small clothing items and accessories, can pose choking hazards for young children. Keep small parts away from infants and toddlers.
  • Material Safety: Check that dolls and accessories made from safe, non-toxic materials that meet safety standards.
  • Sharp Edges: Examine the doll and its accessories for any sharp edges or points that could potentially cause injuries during play.
  • Cleanliness: Dolls should be kept clean to prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and germs. Some dolls may be machine-washable or have removable clothing for easy cleaning.
  • Storage: Store dolls and their accessories in a clean, dry place to prevent damage from moisture, pests, or exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Allergies: Consider potential allergies to materials used in dolls, latex or certain types of fabrics, when selecting dolls for children.