Dust extractors, do I really need one?

The best ‘optional requirement’ you’ve ever purchased might well be a dust extractor. Yes, it’s not going to do any sewing, sanding, or shaping, but you do need a dust extractor if you want to make a breeze for post-task cleaning and to protect the health of your family.

The Makita VC3011L Wet & Dry L-Class Dust Extractor extract 99% of the dust with an occupational exposure cap value of > 1.0mg/m3. Suitable for processes that include mica, gypsum, china clay. It uses a simple push and clean system to clean the filter, which takes only seconds.


Max Airflow – 3.6 m³/min
Dust Bag Capacity – 28 liters
Max Sealed Suction – 21.0 kPa
Tank Capacity – 30 liters
Hose length – 3.5 m
Input Wattage 240v – 3000 w

Working with a decent dust extractor has so many advantages if you’re already sitting on the fence. Here are five basic reasons for owning one.

  1. You get a better line of sight by removing material from the work surface. The final product is ultimately more reliable.
  2. Your work rate will speed up, and then work will be completed faster.
  3. Do you hate to clean up? Another time-saver that helps to minimize this is dust extraction.
  4. Longer life for accessories and instruments. Less dust goes into the engine and it won’t clog as much with accessories like sandpaper.
  5. The health of yours! Dust does significant harm to the lungs in whatever shape it takes. So let the extractor, not you, breathe it in.

Flexible Hose:

With a large diameter extraction link, most woodworking machinery will be given. This should be nicely combined, either directly or with some sort of adaptor, with your dust extractor. The location of the dust collector in relation to the unit is an important factor in the operational effectiveness of your dust collection scheme.

Dust Extractor Safety:

The danger of the build-up of static electricity is one danger that is often ignored in dust extraction equipment. The dry timber particles that rub the inside of the flexible hose are continuously producing a static charge, just like a static charge is generated by rubbing a plastic comb through your hair (if you have any).

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