To what end, we are using Shear Wrench?

The Makita Cordless Shear Wrench has a brushless motor that is controlled by the computer controls of Makita’s Star Safety, which optimizes the output of both the battery and motor. These features work together to churn out the improved Makita Cordless Shear Wrench output that we will probably see from this new model.

DWT310ZK 36V LXT Brushless Wrench Body only for a carry case. Only available in a carry case. It features a brushless, long-lasting motor with full power. It is incredibly light and has a hook that is designed to be held easily with a shoulder belt. 

Shear Wrench:

In essence, wrenches are the same machine, but usually heavier and have square drives to connect sockets. Widely used for locking or loosening nuts and bolts in trades such as car repair, building, and product assembly.

Anti-slipping mechanism:

Once the inner sleeve engages with the bolt tip, the tool will not start. Our new wrench would sell for even less than what is available on the market at the moment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Electric brake
  • Hook designed for use with shoulder belt
  • Battery capacity warning lamp.
  • Brushless motor
  • Driven by 2 series 18V Li-ion batteries for power supply
  • 36V DC motor drive system.

Makita Shear Wrenches is a wrench that functions in the construction of steel frames as control bolts. It features a brushless, long-lasting motor with full power.

Our Makita Shear Wrench will sell for much less than what is currently on the market. It has a housing for metal equipment, safety roll bars for batteries, and a strap hooking for the shoulder to prevent failure. Combine lightweight and compact size with high performance.

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