Fresh Tiny Circular Saw from Makita!

Circular saws Makita HS301D to ensure consistency for any cut. In addition to cutting materials from paneling to wood frames to cement, they facilitate cross-cutting, tearing, bevelling, and dip cutting. With a removable dust nozzle, you can easily clean the device so that it cannot be obstructed.

Makita HS301D is one of the first 10.8V platform versions to become available. Moreover, the newly designed battery guarantees safe battery-to-device communication. Makita launched their new 10.8v CXT ‘Slide range with an ergonomically built handle, including this awesome circuit saw – the HS301D with a soft grip and battery safety circuit. In addition, Thanks to the blower feature that eliminates sawdust from the cutting line, it has a convenient line to map.

What’s amazing with a circular saw?

A circular screw is a versatile addition to the DIYers tool kit and a practical workhorse. Its most common purpose is to cut pieces of wood in a straight line. Their experience makes it easy to use a circular saw.

Features and Benefits:

  • Blower feature – blows the sawdust off the cut of the line
  • High power – cutting efficiency higher than HS300D
  • Depth of cut adjustable up to 25.5mm
  • Base plate bevels up to 45° for angled cuts
  • Dust extraction port on top of the machine
  • Onboard spindle and hex key for simple blade modification

We think it’s perfect for anyone interested in lightweights, but you don’t need a heavier weight, a higher circular saw the power in your box when making short precise cuts. For eg, kitchen utensils, erectors, or boards, such as fixing a window, have to be cut.

This is also the perfect circular saw to consider for someone who has already invested in Makita’s 10,8V lithium-ion battery, especially as you can adjust the depth of the cut and bend the plates.

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