Have you ever used a Makita SDS plus hammer?

The Makita SDS plus Hammerl is a brushless, low-maintenance, high-running motor. With the Makita SDS Hammer Drills for rapid drilling into concrete, rotation only for metal/wood drilling, or hammer only for chiseling, the option is to rotate. Whatever the stuff, it gives rapid and successful results.

SDS-Plus & SDS-Max Drills

SDS+ & SDS Max Hammer Drills are filled with incredible strength and are the best tool in the business to use for concrete, stone, metal, and steel heavy-duty drilling. Offered as kits and bare units in both corded and cordless models, there is something here to fit all your requirements. For light breaking and tile removal, the chiseling feature is especially useful.

SDS Max drills for larger applications are also located here. Both the drill itself and the drill bits are much larger than those used for SDS+ and there is a wide variety of extra-long bits available for the development of cleaner brickwork channels for trunking, as well as specific bits for surface preparation and cable guidance through walls

What is a rotary hammer?

A rotary hammer is a strong tool used to bore holes in tough materials such as concrete, stone, and metal, also known as a roto hammer or a rotary hammer drill. These are highly time-efficient instruments that can reduce to just five minutes a one-hour manual labor work.

Demolition jobs

It offers enough brute force to chisel or breaks down the hardest materials. 

Drilling through the timber

This instrument will drill into thick boards of all densities using only the drilling mode. It’s true that they can not be used for delicate drilling work, such as 3/32-inch softwood pre-drilling holes. But you can drill big holes in wood in no time using a wide-diameter core bit.

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