Were you aware of our cordless NAILER?

Cordless NAILER-Easy handling, not using hoses and compressors. By using Nailer fuel gas as the power source. Longer runtime, faster readiness to fire, less recoil, and more endurance when shooting short nails. It has a tip on the nose intended for better visibility. For access to the desired firing point on the workpiece quickly and easily. The process of low reaction force makes long pins to be easier to nail. For great maneuverability, there is the best ergonomic handle available. It also has a jam clearing system for rapid-release. There is an LED work light that brightly illuminates the workpiece for successful operation in a dark spot.

For successful hose and cord-free nailing, it runs on gas. For charging the onboard electronics, as well as 7.2v lithium-ion batteries.

The GN900SE utilizes Makita’s tried-and-tested 7.2v lithium-ion battery system with a charging period of 30 minutes. 4 times faster than the leading rival, the Makita GN900SE.  It has an easy-to-see fast loading system.

Overheat Tool Security

The tool stops automatically when the tool is overheated, and the indicator blinks for around 60 seconds. Let the tool cool before turning the tool on again in this case. Tips to preserve full battery life. If you find less tool control, always stop tool operation and charge the battery cartridge.

Safety Rules

  • Often presume that fasteners are present in the method. Careless nailer handling may lead to unforeseen iring of fasteners and personal injury.
  • When the fastener jams in the instrument, detach the tool from the power source. 
  • The nailer can be inadvertently triggered when removing a stuck fastener if it is plugged in.
  • Do not use this nailer for electrical wiring fastening. And it can damage the insulation of electrical cables, causing the possibility of electrical shock or burning.

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