With the right equipment, how do you get the job done?

Makita CP100DWA MultiCutter, get the right tool for your job here. With multiple attachments, Makita CP100DWA MultiCutters & Multi-Tools are multifunctional and lightweight, allowing you to perform almost any task you are considering. Their small size and maneuverability allow you to reach positions where, obviously, larger instruments do not fit or work safely. These instruments allow you to tackle a whole range of jobs quickly and easily, from grinding and cutting to sanding and scraping.

The Makita CP100DWA 12V is a multi-cutter that is lightweight and convenient. There is a very small and very rapid oscillation, so it sounds more like vibration.

On your cordless devices and batteries, the demanding applications you take on every day are also demanding. You rely on your tools, so Makita created STAR Machine ControlsTM Security. Compatible with both the Starlock and Starlock Plus blades is the Makita Brushless 18 V Starlock multi-cutter. And it has a number of features, including a low-light, LED light.

How useful is the MultiCutter Makita CP100DWA?

One of the most useful devices you may have in the work site or lab is the oscillating multi-tool. Its versatility allows you to perform several tasks that would be difficult with some devices. See metal, wood, and drywall; make large holes; crash into hardwood, or undercut a frame. You can sand.

How many ways can the Multi-Cutter be used?

There are six ways to use Multi-Cutter. 

Plunge cutting is simple:

It is possible that Pros uses a multi-tool that oscillates, our favorite of the five types. If you use the right blade, it helps them. Multi-tools are commonly used to cut holes in drywall for electrical boxes, however. Any task requiring a dip cut can be tackled. Set off a mortise. Make the sniff. Remove the trim and casings from the flooring.

Flush cutting in Wood, Drywall, Metal:

By swapping the fixture for a half-moon blade, you can easily make longer cuts of wood, drywall, and metal. In our study of the Ridgid Jobmax Multi-tool, we have done quite a bit of this. The increased surface area of the half-moon blade helps you to hold straight onto a line while cutting hard.

Doors undervalued.

When tiling or flooring to offset the doors, maybe the best way for Pros to use an oscillating multi-tool is. When we were doing our flooring analysis for Pergo Outlast laminate, we did quite a bit of that. Get a nice Japanese tooth blade when you go after hardwood trim, and you’ll be finished in no time.

Strip, Scrape, Clean.

With a multi-tool scraping blade, old paint, the “beautiful” old linoleum board, unrecognizable gunk and more can be easily extracted. I am sure that you can think of at least three ways to use this method right now.

Using Like a Sander Orbital.

By swapping the blade attachment for the sanding fixture, the oscillating multi-tool can be used as a small data sander. It does not replace other handheld sanders, but it works in small areas. We like the way this gives us control over the work. To separate small arms from the grout or glue, there’s even an abrasive attachment.

Take out, Grout and Caulk.

If you ever had the pleasure of scraping old grout and caulk for a remodel of the bathroom. Before heading to the hardware store to buy a multitool, you will not be able to get to the end of this paragraph. This sort of work is made simple and productive by the oscillating function.

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