How to Drill Large Holes into Masonry and Concrete using a Core Drill?

A core drill is a drill bit that cuts large holes from masonry and concrete, as the core drills, extracting the central part of the hole (core).

The power tools and hands are Makita diamond core drills. To create precisely calibrated holes with a diamond core attached, it utilizes a rotary drill. It is suitable for a wide range of materials, including concrete, metal, and glass, to build openings.

The Makita 8406C 240V Drill is a skilled drill of high quality that is suitable for home, workshop, or construction site. This drill is the perfect addition to any toolbox with a lasting consistency of construction and reliable operation. This drill is also sufficiently efficient for broad and demanding jobs that need long operating times. Finally, to be easy to hold, the Makita 8406C drill is small enough.

  • Used with up to 152mm diamond cores.
  • Action percussion for a pilot hole.
  • For diamond core drilling, rotary motion.
  • When the centre jams, the torque limiter disassembles the clutch.
  • 2-speed and soft-start gearbox.
  • Electronic regulation of rpm.
  • The device of Anti-vibration.
  • Two electric gears.
  • Nice for plumbers, electricians, general contractors, recruiters.

Drilling a Hole with a Core Drill

  • The drilling operation needs to be as smooth as possible and the hammer’s jerky action can very quickly break costly diamond teeth.
  • The core drill will cut the core at the exit if you are able to drill the correct way through the wall in one go.
  • Always keep the drill and core bit dead level when you drill your hole. At an angle, you don’t want to drill in and make the whole slope up or down!
  • You’re going to be near the other side of the hole you’re cutting when you’ve done this method a few times, now is the time to reduce your strain!
  • You can drive a significant amount of masonry away from the outside of the hole if you keep driving the core cutter through while you are actually cutting through.

Core drills are called annular cutters used in metal. Generally referred to as Diamond Core Drills, core drills used for concrete are water-cooled. There are several types and sizes of Makita diamond core drills. The pace that can be obtained when used, even though it is necessary to cut the marble.

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