Uses of a Makita Jigsaw

Makita Jigsaw is the tool to cut wood, plywood, metal, and tile using a versatile Makita jigsaw. Use and cut. This is small and intelligent, offering something more than rival puzzles. This tool has many smart features that make it a real pleasure to use.

Makita Jigsaw with the most advanced XR Lithium-Ion technology. The fan-cooled engine PM47 can cut up to 3000 bits a minute quickly to optimise user efficiency.

The JV101DZ model is a 10.8V CXT Li-ion battery-driven only body cordless jigsaw. With integrated extraction of powder and 2900 hits per minute running speed. Professional orbital action puzzles are ideally suited to the long straight cuts in wood, known as pendulum action puzzles. Jigsaws can quickly cut through steel, drywall, and fiberglass by using the right blade.

Split smooth timber curves. Start by pressing the screw shoe firmly with the blade from the edge on the workpiece. Start the engine, direct the blade outside the cutting line and switch from the curves to the corners within. Often shift the saw to a speed where the blade can be cut without deflating and does not work with the engine.

Utilization and cutting of ceramic tile with Makita Jigsaw

To render cuts in ceramic wall tile up to 1:4 inch, use a carbide-grit abrasive blade. Function quickly and minimize the tile break by tightening the tile with a mild water mist to lubricate the cutting of the saw. Jigsaws that have a sliding head is better suited to pass the blade around narrow curves. This work is slow, requiring patience, alteration of the blades, and relief to open tight turns. Cutting metal

Break sheets of metal securely between two thin sheets of plated wood, without shredding them. Start with the drilling in all pattern circles of starter blade holes. It’s sluggish to cut through a plate sandwich. Pick metal cutting pins with 21 to 24 teeth per inch for the smoothest cuts.


  • Jigsaws make dust, as well as depending on what you’re cutting. There might be a lot of it. 
  • A jigsaw has a fairly exposed blade, so leave all of your appendices hidden.
  • When you use a cordless jigsaw, be careful of where your Battery is. Keep the cut line straight.
  • Check that your blade is sharp and fit. 

Finally, anyone engaged in a project involving repeatedly specific cuts, in particular a cableless one, would need a puzzle. Although the option of the right one can be a trouble, it is a decision you would never regret investing in a cordless jigsaw.

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