How to Manage and Use a Chainsaw?

To prolong the life of your chain saw and ensure that the saw is in top working condition, follow the maintenance plan prescribed by the manufacturer to use and maintain a chainsaw. The Makita DUC405Z Cordless Brushless Chainsaw features two 18v Li-ion batteries powered by the popular Outer Rotor Brushless Motor. The saw is also quiet and begins at the click of a button to remove the need to blend fuel and two-stroke gasoline.


  • A spike bumper made of metal gives a tight grip on the workpiece.
  • Captive nuts to avoid nut loss when the sprocket cover is removed.
  • Automatic Chain Lubrication Adjustable.
  • Driven by two series 18V Li-ion batteries to supply the powerful 36V DC motor drive system with energy.
  • Key control switch with the feature of auto power-off

How To Use:

To make a cut, hold the front handle with your left hand, thumb wrapped below, and catch the rear handle with your right hand, Makita DUC405Z Cordless. Get in place to pull the chain brake back to disengage it, legs apart for support. Squeeze the throttle, then. The saw, when the engine is at full speed, cuts best.

  • Make your cuts from the tip of the bar. Cutting the upper part of the tip may cause kickback, which can be hazardous and can require the brake of the chain. Only pull back to unlock if it does participate.
  • Cutting at waist level, never above shoulder height, is good practice.
  • Too close to the ground where the blade could dig in and kickback, stop cutting.
  • Never while standing over the work area, attempt to cut from the side of the saw. A kickback may be extremely dangerous in this place.

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