How to Use Cordless Screw Drivers Safely

Cordless Screw Drivers whether you have a radio system or not, this handy tool is one of life’s necessities! Whether you are a professional electrician setting up a home gym, or just a handy guy removing a stuck bolt from a wall socket, it is your job to know the right tools for the job! When is the correct time to use a cordless screw driver? What brand should you choose, and which one will fit your needs best?

There are two types of cordless screw drivers on the market today; gas powered and screw drive models. Which one is right for you? Which screwdriver is best suited for what material? And what does a torque number really mean to the battery of your tool?

Gas powered cordless screw drivers come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and types. Some are designed for general drilling while others are designed for more specialized applications such as drilling a wooden deck. Some have a one-handed mode, and some require two hands to operate. The larger and more powerful gas screwdrivers are often found in truck and car tool boxes, while the smaller cordless impact driver may be found in purse and desk drawer of a homeowner or small-home construction business. A very common type of cordless screw drivers is the simple but small Bosch T-series impact driver, which is perfect for general drilling and fastening wood, metal, and plastic.

Lithium-ion batteries are usually the power source for cordless screw drivers. Although they are not rechargeable, their life is extended by being plugged into an electrical outlet. Compared to the two-stage rechargeable battery of a drill, the lithium-ion’s ability to retain and release enough power to penetrate concrete and wood longer gives them a definite advantage over their drills’ competitors. Because of this, they tend to last longer than most cordless screw drivers.

A key feature of many cordless screw drivers is the device’s torque limiter. This is a spring that holds back the forward rotation of the screwdriver until the user lets go of the handle. This gives the tool a more solid, stable grip and allows users to penetrate deeper and hold on to surfaces for longer periods. This feature also allows them to penetrate difficult-to-reach places that a drill cannot easily reach.

A battery powered cordless screw driver can also be incorporated with a carpal tunnel relief brace. These are made to fit securely around the wrist and the base of the carpal tunnel to protect from nerve damage or pressure imbalances. They work by applying constant pressure on the wrist and carpal tunnel to stretch the tissues surrounding it and encourage the release of tension in the tendons. When the cordless screwdrivers and their batteries are switched off, these braces protect the tendons and the wrist from being damaged. Also, carpal tunnel syndrome can be avoided by practicing proper ergonomics in using these tools. The proper positioning of the hands, as well as holding the screwdriver’s blade at the right angle can both prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are three different types of batteries that all cordless tools use: alkaline batteries, deep cycle batteries, and lithium batteries. Each has its own unique characteristics and capacities. Most lithium batteries have a high alkaline rating while most deep cycle batteries have a high voltage. Using a higher voltage in a deep cycle battery may increase the chances of exploding than an alkaline battery. It also produces more heat than a low voltage battery so it is better to use a lithium deep cycle battery if you are going to use a cordless screw driver that has a high voltage.


Cordless screw drivers that use a lithium deep cycle battery have a built in safety detector that stops the driver from being charged if it trips. The two different settings for this safety detector adjust the current that the tool is allowed to draw from the batteries. The larger batteries allow more current to go through before tripping the safety breaker. This setting is usually adjusted for the maximum amount of current the tool will draw. If you find that the screw driver battery is not starting because there is no power to it then it is most likely a lithium battery.

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