In selecting the Portable Band Saw, what are you looking for?

Portable Band Saw. Anything from an electrician to a plumber to a carpenter would also be more successful when cutting metal. While there is a range of power tools available for this task, one of the best tools available for this task is the band saw. What makes them even better at being cordless, like a band. So let’s take a look at the Band’s Makita Cordless Saw Review.

The Makita DPB180Z 18V LXT Portable Cordless Band Saw

For technical and DIY use, the Makita DPB108Z 18V LXT cordless portable band saw body is suitable as it is lightweight and compact for easy operation, but also has a very rigid aluminum construction for secure cutting and durability. Makita is one of the leading professional power tool manufacturers in the industry.

A lightweight, cordless and portable unit is the Bandsaws Cordless 18v LXT Li-ion portable bandsaw. This is compact and lightweight with the weight of a battery. For use in the office, it is highly compact. Cutting through materials such as copper wire, angle iron, is quick and efficient.

Characteristics of Makita Cordless Band Saw

With a high torque motor, the Makita Band Saw is made. There is a single 18V Makita battery powering the saw. This has a front handle, as with other band saws, to assist with stability and precise cuts. 

The rear handle imitates the handle that has a comfortable grip over-mold found on their circular saw. The rollers are stainless steel, as with the other band saws we have checked, so they won’t rust. A belt, pipe/wood clip is also included with the unit.

Production of the Makita Cordless Band Saw

The cutting duct, Unistrut, copper pipe, threaded rod, and more built for the saw.

In general, everyone agreed that the saw was quick, strong, smooth and very easy to work with. For me, I love the size as well. With this saw, cutting pipes above, in front or below would be really easy because it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to keep a lot of bricks over your head.

This is a fantastic cordless saw, basically. I love the speed, the power and the weight that make it easy to run in front of you, over or out. This is great for a plumber or electrician who cuts a lot of pipes every day because it saves time and money. 

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