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Discover the Best Juicers

Exploring the world of juicing has never been easier. Whether you're on a quest to boost your daily dose of nutrients with fresh fruits and greens or preparing delicious homemade drinks for the cozy fall season, our selection of juicers has you covered. Our expert team at the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab has put the top juicers to the test to help you kickstart your day on the right note. Before you dive into the world of juicing, let's break down the three main juicer types: the slow juicer, centrifugal juicer, and citrus juicer. Centrifugal juicers are your speedy solution for extracting the goodness from fruits and vegetables, while citrus juicers excel at squeezing oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

Understanding the Different Juicer Types

Centrifugal Force Juicers:

If you're looking for a popular home juicer, you'll love centrifugal force juicers. They are not only the most budget-friendly juicers but also known for their speed. Fruits and vegetables are added through a feed tube, where they meet a spinning blade that crushes them. The juice is then extracted through a sharp screen by the centrifugal force of the spinning basket. Depending on the ingredients, the juice may contain up to 30% solids, such as skin and seeds.

Masticating Juicers:

Masticating juicers, often referred to as slow juicers, are known for their gentle yet effective approach. These juicers use a slow gear to slowly crush fruits and vegetables, resulting in a thick and frothy juice. However, they can also produce a slightly bitter and chunky juice. Be cautious of masticating juicers that are wrongly marketed as cold-press juicers!

Twin Gear Juicers:

Also known as triturating juicers, twin-gear juicers stand out from the crowd. They utilize two gears to spin, pull in, and chew up fruits and vegetables. The juice is then forced through a screen with progressively smaller holes, which means that about 30% of the juice may contain bits of skin or seeds.

Benefits of Juicers

Many individuals find that using a juicer is the most efficient way to obtain the essential nutrients they need for meal preparation. However, if you're short on time or kitchen space, a juicer mixer grinder can be a fantastic alternative. Here are some advantages of using a juicer/mixer/grinder:
  • Ease of Cleaning: Simply toss the grinder in the dishwasher after use.
  • Speed: You can process larger quantities at once, making it more efficient.
  • Cost-Efficiency: You can purchase a juicer mixer grinder for less than the cost of a single juicer.
  • Healthier Option: Using a juicer mixer grinder minimizes mess and reduces hand fatigue compared to manual juicing.

Features of Our Juicers

  • Our juicers perform exceptionally well in juicing. Fruits are effortlessly fed into the top compartment, and a plastic plunger is provided to assist with insertion. The juice is dispensed through a side nozzle and can be easily collected in a glass or bowl.
  • Transforming this product into your standard mixer grinder is a breeze. Simply remove the top cover, making it easy to attach the spice jar or blender. (Refer to the video below for a visual guide on disassembly.)
  • While our juicer excels with most fruits and vegetables, it may not perform as effectively with smaller produce. This may result in some fruit being wasted. The motor is robust and delivers outstanding performance in both the mixer and grinder modes. You can also grind spices in the small jar included with the device.
  • However, it's important to note a few drawbacks. The quality of the plastic used could be improved, and cleaning the juicer after use can be a bit challenging. The product comes with a two-year domestic warranty.
  • Keep in mind that we are reviewing the budget-friendly juicer mixer grinder option here. To make a fair assessment of its performance and quality, it's essential to consider the price point.