LEAF BLOWERS – Why do you need it in your kit?

There are some tools that are not completely important to LEAF BLOWERS. But there is no doubt that getting those things in your pocket not only makes it easier for the job but also makes life easier. Here we explain some advantages of a helpful leaf blower for you:

The Makita DUB361Z cordless LEAF BLOWERS is powered by 2x 18v Makita lithium-ion batteries. Also, Thanks to the less noisy battery capacity, this small and lightweight leaf blower has low noise emissions. Moreover, This leaf blower, compact and lightweight, has low noise emissions. With a push-button, you can quickly toggle between high and low settings. In addition, This blower is a joy to use and offers excellent outcomes for single-handed use. Apart from this, Driven by two serial 18V Li-ion batteries to supply the powerful 36V with energy.

Ideal for quick cleanups:

A cordless blower is great for quick cleaning work, a workbench that looks like you’ve spilled the waste bin’s contents all over it. It’s also useful both inside and out of your toolboxes for quick cleaning.

Ideal for blasting leaves:

Admittedly, most cordless LEAF BLOWERS at the top of their job description have blasting leaves, so it makes sense to use this for them!

Great for running out the van:

Forget to take your shoes, your boots, or your hair to the valet for a break.

Some of the special features of this blower are:

  • Firstly, As the name suggests, it is cordless so you don’t have to worry about the power supply.
  • Secondly, It is quite comfortable with a single handgrip.
  • Thirdly, Leaf Blower is equipped with an ergonomically shaped handle and a rubberized, delicate grip that suits your hand properly. 
  • The hand is adjusted to cover the most intense power and consolation.
  • Makita’s leaf blower has three air volume settings
  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

The Makita DUB361Z is a cordless blower powered by 2x 18v Makita 2 lithium-ion batteries offered by Toptopdeal.

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