Main features and security tips for the Makita DJV182 Top-Handle Jigsaw

If you are thinking of buying a Jigsaw tool, you need to know about the Makita DJV182 feature that will support you.

The Makita DJV182 is a cordless bow, top handle jigsaw with a brushless motor generating a high torque per weight level. More torque means less power needed for longer friction of the lifeless battery motor. A helpful feature is the Makita 18V Tool-less Blade Shift. Pull back the lever while moving the hot blades and the blade falls out.

  • Bevel cutting: up to 455 Aluminium base can be tilted
  • Left or Right Degrees
  • Freshly enhanced hose joint for dust extraction
  • Rigid base aluminum bevels left and right from 0 to 45 degrees
  • For 3 orbital settings and straight cutting, adjust the lever

Not every jigsaw is the same and you can find certain advanced features that are missing. Such as an orbital action or modification of a bevel.

Variable speed dial 

For the cutting of various materials, several saws would have many speed settings. Using a lower blade speed when cutting metals, for example, to keep the blades in top shape. When working with plastics, you could also choose a slower speed setting, thereby mitigating the risk of your workpiece melting.

Orbital action 

Some saws are capable of orbital action, which ensures that the jigsaw provides the blade with thrust as it goes up and down. In comparison with a standard saw, these jigsaws have an incredible cutting pace. To raise or minimize the “thrust” of the jigsaw, use the orbital action knob.

Trigger & Lock-on turn

Your jigsaw trigger is going to start and stop. After pressing the button, it may take a moment for the saw to get to pace, so make sure you’re running at capacity before beginning a cut. A lock-on switch will assist you in operating on a longer cut.

Blade & Blade clamp

Jigsaws come with a set of locking mechanisms to hold the blade and change it. It will be tool-less for the simplest blade changing systems, but many will use a basic hex key to lock the blade in place.

Keep SAFE When using YOUR JIGSAW

  • If you use a corded jigsaw, be careful of where your power cord is. From the cut line, keep it clear.
  • Jigsaws produce dust, and there may be a lot of it depending on what you’re cutting. Use a mask and goggles to keep yourself safe.
  • Make sure you are sharp and fit for purpose with your saw blade. Old blades are brittle and appear to break when cutting – causing you and your workpiece to be at risk.
  • A jigsaw has a blade that is fairly exposed, so keep all your appendages away from the end of the business. Before you try to change the blade, make sure the saw is fully unplugged (or the battery is removed). The Makita DJV182 is a brushless motor top handle cordless jigsaw that produces a higher torque per weight measurement. With twin LED Joblights and a Blower feature at the front end, at all times the cutting line can stay lit and free of sawdust.

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