MAKITA COMBI DRILL. Why would other people do better?

MAKITA COMBI DRILL, a combination box is an all-inclusive booklet that performs various tasks and can also be called an impact box or hammer box driver and is typically the most expensive one of these 3 choices. Makita DHP484Z is a highly effective, lightweight drill. It comes with a side handle and a deepness gauge that is more managed when digging into masonry and is up to 16 mm in diameter.

The rubberized handle has been engineered to provide the best grip and the best thrust. Fitted with a safety battery circuit: designed to prevent overload, high temperature and overload current battery damage.

The single LED job light is beneficial to work with pre-glow and post-glow functions in dark conditions. Better dust and dryness to ensure efficient service, even when the weather is poor. Makita DHP484Z has a single sleeve keyless chuck, which lets you quickly handle new bit installations and makes it comfortable for everyone because of its lightweight 2kg body. With its 2-speed gearbox and compact lightweight nature, this combination drill can decrease operator fatigue. The engine case is drip-resistant and stainless.

Why is it better than others?

  • It is specially designed for working in close environments with a simple and fast change of bit, a lightweight white LED so that you can see what you put into trousers, a steel belt loop and a magnetic bit to keep it all.
  • Drilling is solid enough in all materials and can even drive through screws and accessories.
  • The XR Brushless Compact offers 14 torque settings and a solid hammer function for tough work.
  • The hammer feature is between 0 and 30’000ipm for fast maçonnery piercing in a sluggish 0-7’500ipm mode, depending on the pressure you place on the trigger. This feature also provides a speed range.

In short, more reliable, effective and robust brushless motors than batteries.


Torque is the force that the work surface may be bent by the torque. However, when boiling on metal, concrete and other hard surfaces, you need more torque and less speed. Such a wireless drill for heavy duty work of more than 400 lbs.

 Chuck Size

The chuck size is the highest size you can carry. The chuck size The best available chuck sizes are 3/8 and 1⁄2-inch.


Circuit Battery Protection: designed to avoid overload, high temperature or overload damage to the battery. It can be really frustrating when your cordless drill dies in an intense job, so it’s a huge advantage to have one additional battery primed and ready for use.

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