Toptopdeal is the UK’s most popular online shop for the purchase of Combi Drills, BEST CORDLESS MAKITA COMBI DRILLS. Makita combi hammer drills are tools that can be used with a bit of masonry to push screws, but also to drill holes in tougher materials. Makita combi drills allow you to complete a variety of tasks with just one tool. Makita’s best available cordless combi drills. Their latest 10.8V Portable computer is CXT. The world of cordless, competent combi-drills.


To keep an eye out for here, there are two values you will need: voltage and torque. It is a battery-powered hole maker and a fastener motor for screws, nuts, and tiny bolts. The general thumb rule is that a higher voltage is indicated by a more efficient drill. Although there are available lower (7.2V) and higher (20V) options, the majority of cordless drills today are 18V. For stronger materials, some drills can allow you to change the torque settings to use higher torque and less if you deal with sensitive things.


For cordless combi drill speeds, this varies from 500 to 2000 RPM. Most have a peak no-load frequency of approximately 1000 RPM.

 Noise sound power

Noise and Vibration Rate. Audio Energy Grade 100 dB (A). When using electrical drills operated by the mains, hearing protection should be worn. There may be low noise drills available, but there will be a lot of noise from the act of rubbing hardened steel against brick at high speed. Lower speeds will minimize noise, but it will take longer for you to make the hole.

LED job light

How many LED lights a cordless combi drill has and will depend on where they are located, the make and model. An example of an LED-light cordless drill unit is on the left. LED light bulbs are suitable for use on control devices such as cordless drills.


A combi drill with a brushless motor has many benefits. Both instruments feature purpose-built brushless motors for the product and related applications, combining strength and effectiveness in a more compact size. The key difference between brushless or brushed drill engines is that the brushed versions are made of carbon while power generation magnets are used for the brushless units.

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