Makita Cut of Saw- Advantages, and specifications!

The Makita Cut of Saw is intended for the use of special dry carbide saw blades to cut mild steel and stainless steel with virtually no gloss, no burring, and no heat discoloration. Here, like its features, advantages, and results, we say all about Cut off Saw.

Makita Cut of saw

This Makita DLW140Z 36V LXT 355mm cordless brushless cut-off saw body has a solid brushless feature. This DLW140Z has a tool-less modification of the wheel and tool-less adjustment of the guide plate. For optimal cutting efficiency, it has an overload indicator with 4 LED bars that allows you to see the load and change the pressure you apply. To make precise cuts, the saw, and rail system works together with minimal tear-out.

Easy-to-use features include a rapid-release target for safe retention of material and quick-repeat cut-offs, a convenient blade adjustment socket wrench on the base, and a razor tray for easy disposal of waste and a cleaner work environment. A saw cut is suitable for when you need to make precise and smooth straight cuts and is also used to improve the precision with a track or guide.

  • Lock-off for consumer comfort press
  • 0-45 ° adjusts the quick-release support fence for miter cutting.
  • Shaft lock with only one wrench for quick blade changes
  • In the light pipe, angle iron, tubing, conduit, and tube, 4x quicker cutting than abrasive cut-off saws.
  • Tool hanger allows you to hang the saw when not in use

Key Features:

  • For the most demanding applications, the Power-15 AMP motor delivers 1,700 RPM.
  • Comfort-D-shape handles with a 2-finger trigger and a lock-off button for easy grip.
  • Performance-4X Light steel, angle iron, tubing, valve, and channel cutting is quicker than abrasive cutting saws.

At our famous Toptopdeal store, Makita Saw Cut is open. For a variety of industrial cutting applications, Makita’s Cut off Saw offers the power and ease-of-use features. Precise straight and 45o bevel cuts as the position of the blade when using a guide rail hits the material on the same sightline (sold separately).

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