MAKITA DHP458Z 18V-Things You Need to Know!

It can be difficult and stressful to choose the right power tool to meet your workplace needs. Knowing and recognizing the differences between types of drills is vital because knowing what each will help you to do ensures that you buy the correct drill for your work line. MAKITA DHP458Z 18V

  • Are they all wood?
  • Do you want to drive tiny screws into softwoods, or into hardwoods with big construction screws?

A new DC motor with high power and performance, offering new features and advantages, higher speed and torque speeds, higher capacity, and new cordless batteries, has been achieved by the MAKITA DHP458Z 18V COMBI DRILL. The rubberized handle is designed to provide the bit with maximum grip and full thrust. A hammer setting will be given for the vast majority of combi drills. This provides both the impact force of the drill and the rotational force that helps you to drill into concrete.

Increased drilling capability increased robustness and additional extras, such as a depth stop and side handle, for considerably greater strength. With the latest DC motor (FD31-30) achieving high power and efficiency, the Makita DHP458 cordless combi drill/driver is an extremely compact tool with the shortest overall length of 225 mm in its class.

Key specifications:

  • Voltage: 18v
  • Soft Application Max Torque (Nm): 44
  • Hard Application Max Torque (Nm): 88
  • Brake Type: Electric


  • Enhanced resistance to dust and drip for use in outdoor applications or harsh environments.
  • Integrated impact drilling feature up to 13 mm in Masonry drilling.
  • Compact design: for optimum handling, very short head length.
  • Integrated LED light with afterglow function to illuminate, even in the dark, the work area.
  • Tools needed to function in rough environments and perform rugged applications such as drilling into bricks should be robust on their own. So it’s a big bonus that Makita has wrapped the DHP458 in not just ergonomic rubberized grips.

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