A new addition to this Makita Li-ion range, this hand-held shear will be designed to accommodate the skilled consumer with a cutting capacity of 1,6 mm mild steel, 1,8 mm stainless steel, and 2,5 mm aluminum. The straight design ensures greater control and maneuverability for fast cutting.


Make sure you put your protective equipment on because it can be toxic because you work with steel. Shavings of metal can get airborne and cause serious harm.

Cut the Metal:

Place the sheet metal on the shear pad. Be careful, because this is already happening, and make sure that you are not in touch with the edge. It also refers to the metal sheet. Then use a back measurement on the shear of the sheet metal to cut the metal by approximately a half-inch greater than the target dimension.

Clean and Store:

You will now shut down the computer and reserve it properly after your mission has ended. Turn off the main power switch of the system. Wash the bed with all toxins and dirt. To stop any metal shaves, carefully clean the blade with a brush.

Cut the Other Sides of Metal:

The shave can be used with practically any diameter and is particularly economical for high-performance activities that produce thousands of parts per hour. Shearing is however not suitable for lengths below 0.750.” This reduces the total cuts required for each project. A shifting blade then passes through a fixed blade and shears the material. There is also the anti-reboot function.

Power up the Metal Shear:

Test the shear sheet bed so that nothing like soil or any material can interfere with the metal cutting process.

The LXT Li-ion cordless shear from Makita Metal gives you Toptopdeal. The DJS161Z offers up to 16 300 p.m. high cutting performance, an 18V Li-Ion battery that drives (not included) a cordless straight shear.

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