For what reason is a brushless impact driver used?

An impact motor, like the cordless drill, uses rotational force to push a screw and saves its rapid power bursts when it feels resistance. When dealing with wood, you could use an impact driver for long screws or wide fasteners. There is also a lighter impact driver than the hammer drill, making it easier to handle.

Are brushless impact drivers better?

Without friction, brushless motors work, leading to a range of advantages: more power going to the instrument, precision motor and power control, more battery run time, less heat produced during use, and longer battery life. 


A brushless DC motor features the Makita DTD153Z impact driver to boost run time by about 30 percent per battery and virtually no maintenance. This high percussive motion saves time and effort and drives screws up to 30 percent faster than a regular drill/driver. The Makita DTD153 has an overall length of just 126mm and is a lightweight impact engine.

The DTD153 has a no-load velocity of 3,400 rpm based on the DTD129, producing up to 3,600 impacts per minute. This high percussive motion saves time and effort, and drives screws up to 30 percent faster than a traditional drill/driver. The Makita 18V Brushless Impact Driver is just as flexible for technical and DIY use as it is ideal. The brushless motor ensures that it does not compromise strength when used under load and has a longer life, as less friction will cause the instrument to flame out.

Some Important Features:

  • Compact build with a length of just 126mm overall
  • Sliding chuck with one touch for fast installation and removal of bits
  • High power-to-weight and size ratio brushless DC motor
  • The Brushless DC motor produces less heat accumulation and is suitable for extended use in manufacturing/production applications.
  • The battery protection system offers improved efficiency, battery cycle life and total battery life with over-discharge, temperature and current protection.

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