Makita DTW1001 XGT® 40V Max Brushless 3/4″ Impact Wrench

Makita DTW1001 XGT, Makita DTW1001 XGT® 40V Max Brushless 3/4″ cableless impact wrinkles ideally suited for technical use, as it features a brushless engine for extreme performance as well as durability. Moreover, It is small, lightweight, and has a 1,000Nm torque extra high at six seconds after sitting. This power tool has an electric split, a variable speed controller, reverse turn, LED light, although it is very small.

Tightening torque of extra-high max. Trigger for variable velocity control. Push-button shift switch F/R, which is easy to use. Electricity or compressed air supplies it. The genuine yield torque varies with the yield beat duration as the unit transmits a fixed vitality rather than a defined torque with each strike. Twin LED job light with afterglow

Compact and Lightweight:

This impact clamp is extremely convenient to use with its excellent ergonomic handle as well as lightweight construction.


The brushless engine eliminates carbon brushes that allow the engine to run hotter and efficiently for long life and is electronically controlled to optimize the use of energy for the battery up to a 50% longer service life.


Again, if you are looking for a clamp with at least 2 speed/torque setup. Makita DTW1001 XGT® 40V Max Brushless has the trigger for the variable power of variety 3/4′′ Impact Wrench here. Click the Forward/Return switch, simple to use.

In this case, Toptopdeal gives you a cableless impact wrench Makita DTW1001 XGT ® 40V Max Brushless 3/4′′, the brushless motor of the new tools century, bringing more advantages for the business people. The forward-/reverse turn, variable speed with a trigger, an electrical brake, and a twin LED work light are simple to operate with the push-button. It is more effective, more efficient, more robust, and simpler to use.

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