Makita 18v Impact wrench

Makita 18v Impact Stick screw, Toptopdeal provides you with Makita DTW285Z 18v LXT Li-ion 1/2’Brunchless Impact Stickscrew. Bare Unit is a Makita DTW285Z 18v cableless shock screw with a powerful maintenance-free DC brushless engine that produces energy more effectively, due to no loss of brush friction resulting from brushes.

The brushless engine does not impair the power and has a long life, as less friction will cause the tool to flame out when used under load. The hammering mechanism, which provides extremely fast, concussive blows, produces their immense torque.

When you need a heavy duty tool, our top Makita impact wrenches are just the bite for tasks which take considerably more time than a regular drill driver. It is a professional tool that has ample torque to perform even the hardest tasks. This high percussive motion saves time and effort, and drives screws up to 30 percent faster than traditional drivers.

Features of the Impact wrench

  • Reverse rotation automatic stop mode: This mode works only by pulling the lever in a reverse rotation. When the bolt/neut is loosened enough, it prevents the impact and the rotation by 0.2 seconds.
  • The XPT technology protects against dust, dampness and increases the tool’s life considerably.
  • Battery security loop equipped: for the prevention of battery damage from overflow, high temperature or high current. Battery security loop.
  • Soft grip ergonomics.
  • Maintenance-free and efficiency brushless engine.
  • Compact construction with a total length of 147 mm.
  • In 0.2 seconds, if the bolt/nut looses enough, the system prevents the impact and rotation.


To allocate the correct speed and speed for your project, use the dial or click on the keyboard. Once you are happy it has the correct speed and torque you can connect the right size socket to the bit on the front of the key.

Put On Safety Gear

The best way to prevent harm is to wear the necessary protective equipment while operating with most power tools. If your impact driver drives the screws to secure your hand in case of gluttony, you should also consider wearing lightweight, durable and snug gloves. An impact driver is no exception, as it is very effective in moving screws.

Take the right bit and set it up

The best way to find out what kind of bit you need is to look at and test the form of your screwhead. Pair the bit tip with your head and work the sizes to find one that fits snugly in the room. In general, installing a little bit of an impact driver is better than using a drill that often takes the chuck to open and insert some.

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