Makita DJV180Z – When Jigsaw isn’t running, the reasons!

A small and lightweight Jigsaw powered by Makita lithium-ion batteries, the Makita DJV180Z. This jigsaw had a locking mechanism on the trigger switch. When making long cuts, this allows continuous operation and decreases fatigue. The blade can also be mounted in three orbital cutting positions in addition to straight cutting. And an improved facility to remove dust is also available.

The slide battery fits comfortably into the devices and new chargers and has the same high structural strength level. To prevent overloading or over-discharge, since it has built-in security.

  • High power to weight and size ratio DC motor
  • 3 orbital configurations plus direct cutting
  • Work of the blower: blows sawdust off the cut line
  • Even with gloves on, the big 2 finger variable speed trigger makes this jigsaw simple to run.
  • The No-load speed reduction function automatically reduces SPM for a more precise start of cutting

Makita DJV180Z – If it is not cut straight by Jigsaw:

When cutting, do not push the saw too hard. The more the blade is forced forward, the more you want it to bend. Combining a decent quality jigsaw with a bearing for a quality guide and a blade for quality. 

The engine is not in operation: the power is on:

  • Engine is dead

If the gears are off, then maybe the engine is silent. Replace the generator, or replace the apparatus.

  • It is not necessary to drive the blade by hand; assembly is optional.

The gears may have broken. Gear replacement or system uninstallation.

Jig saw: the blade is not ideal for

Doesn’t the blade in your jigsaw fit? Inspect the tube, gears, carbon brushes, bearings for damage.

Bearings: To inspect the bearings, take off the clamping screw and foundation. To lock the cover, swap the screws with one another and open the latch. Remove the hair holders.

The engine is running, but the grinding sound comes from inside!

  • Blade guide broken: If the gears and motor work fine, the blade guide may be worn or broken. Replace the Guide.
  • Remove the gravel, apply a few drops of motor oil and check out the appliance safely. If the sound continues, replace the unit.

Tripped by Breakers

There is a breaker on each circuit that decreases the chance of electrical shock. To reset the circuit, you need to find the breaker box and mark the breaker that has popped. Usually you just have to locate the one in the OFF position and switch it to the ON position.

Keep protected, as used by Jigsaw:

  • Jigsaws make dust, and depending on what you cut, it may be a great deal. Cover yourself by using a mask and goggles.
  • A jigsaw has a reasonably visible edge, so stay away from all of your appendices at the business end.

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